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Well, as the crow flies, I just hope it went somewhere nice.

I also like to think he'd like the direction the show took with those two. He mentioned "the fix" (...) hanging just out of reach" regarding their relationship in one of his latest entries, and this episode has finally "admitted the thing" in show-friendly but suprisingly unambiguous way.

It's one of those days when I really, really regret he's gone.

I saw Father Knows Best just, and thought of you Descendant, wherever you may be now; I think you might have liked the show coming as close to, as I suspect, admitting the thing you have always wanted them to as, one postulates, marketing mandate allows.

It's been 4 years since I read Zenith. I still remember how it made me feel. It influences me to this day.

Comment posted by Vatrachos deleted August 7th

oh shit they dead

Maybe good news. I finally (re)found his Derpibooru account, and the most recent fave was for something 8 months ago, that being an animated sprite of Spike walking.

LoL, I didn't even see that

  • Viewing 3,876 - 3,885 of 3,885
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