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The Descendant

Thanks, but please don't send me cash "tips." Instead, support this charity: The Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club.

My latest fever-dreams...

Hey! Hey! Hey!

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Great last words. Neatly show what you were up to all those years. I was too late to the party, but reading all your content...

Man, I never knew you and already miss you.

hope you have had a cringly jolly crispus, friend :C

Another year passes without you, but your presence remains among us all. We'll keep your roost warm for as long as the lights stay on, and long after they go off. Happy New Year to you, Desc.

Hope stars are bright wherever you fly, old crow. I find myself returning to your work every so often; I feel I always will, till the sun sets on me.

I've had a Santa hat on my avatar ever since that first time you asked back in 2012. It's become a large part of who I am.

Merry Christmas, Descy

Yeah stables isn't good enough to warrant a donation. Clean up the neighborhood and get the people there jobs and a better living and THAT will be worth paying for.

Just reread Our Gifts... at the time when I always put a santa hat on my iguana to help try and bring a bit of holiday fun and whimsy to this site... just as you urged all those years ago.


We miss you, Desc. And I hope that wherever you've ended up outside this site, it's somewhere good. I really do.

I always think of you when this time of year rolls around and people start putting on their Santa hats. Hope you’re doing alright, wherever you are!

Well, as the crow flies, I just hope it went somewhere nice.

  • Viewing 3,882 - 3,891 of 3,891
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