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Thanks, but please don't send me cash "tips." Instead, support this charity: The Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club.

My latest fever-dreams...

Hey! Hey! Hey!

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He greeted me too, I hope he is alright

May you one day return to us, Welcome Bird. You were the person that welcomed new users on this site including me when I was on my old account on here. I know that you might not read this message, but me and many others hope that you are doing well, where ever you may be.

We miss you welcome bird. If you ever come back, I hope you see these messages, and realize just how much of an impact a simple "Welcome to the site!" can have.

I hope whatever your doing now, you do ot well, and you manage to be the luckiest son of a gun who walked the Earth. We all wish you well, and hope to see you again.
-Hail to the Moon, Netloid

Thank you welcome bird for that nice message almost 5 years ago.

Just wanted to say, even if you don't see this, thank you welcome bird!

Hello Welcome Bird,
Thank you for all the great stories and for welcoming me to fimfiction some eight years ago.

I pay my respects to Welcome Bird


Miss you, Welcome Bird. :heart:

I wish I could move on fully, as you seem to have.

  • Viewing 3,883 - 3,892 of 3,892
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I Don't Always Read the Comics but, When I Do, They Feature Twilight and Spike · 2:43pm Mar 24th, 2016

Dear Loyal Watchers, Interested Visitors, and Confused Passersby,

First, let me start off by saying how much I've appreciated the support and compassion of so many people during my long, long recovery. I'm most grateful, and it has been a bright spot for me as my long weeks of isolation here in my home have slowly gone by.

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