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Thanks, but please don't send me cash "tips." Instead, support this charity: The Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club.

My latest fever-dreams...

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You're still missed. I hope you're fulfilled and happy in whatever you're doing now. While anyone remembers ponyfic at all, they'll remember your name.

I come here too, and his DA. Hope springs eternal, eh?

I still check back here every once and a while. I hope you come back, but feel you've moved on with your life. But still, thank you for welcoming me and so many others whilst you were still here.

Saw a crow the other day, and for a wonderful second I swear it was welcoming me to the sunny day ahead.

You were too good for this place. I hope you're having a wonderful life.

Crow person who greeted ponies and writes, where hast thou flown to? Hopefully wherever you are, it's a plesant place. I'll always appreciate a good Cup of Joe and your greeting when I first joined. Fair skies.

Gosh, man, I don't have much reason to come to this site anymore, but I do, every once in a while, just to see if you've checked in. I'm sure you've just moved on to other things, but dang if I don't worry all the same.

It's funny, how often I end up thinking of somebody when I don't even know his real name. But I do think about you, all the time. It just pops up. Civil War reenactments, railroad tracks...you know, I'm actually learning to play the saxophone? That was your doing.

Heck, man. Hell. I wish you nothing but the best in life, but if I never find out what happened to you it'll be a sadness that weighs on my soul till the day I die.

Come backkkkkk

Hey there; I know you haven't been around in a bit, and I haven't made much of a habit of saying 'hi' on user pages, but I was thinking about you and found a few old conversations, so I figured I would anyway. There have been some changes since you left; I actually managed to put out the rest of my story, and started on another - though not the one I was expecting, it's doing even better than my first. I'm also gradually making my way through your own stories, and quite enjoying the trip. I told you once before, but I absolutely delight in your characterization of Celestia, and I will be paying it some measure of homage in the story I'm presently scribbling at.

Anyway, while is seems like you have no shortage of well-wishers on this page, I figure one more wouldn't hurt. Hope this finds you well when it finds you.

  • Viewing 3,869 - 3,878 of 3,878
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