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Thanks, but please don't send me cash "tips." Instead, support this charity: The Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club.

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Hi, you had a big impact on my life, i know that makes no sense and this is awkward but you introducing me to this site with such little words really helped. I know you may never see this but. thanks

I hope you're doing well, old friend. Maybe you'll see this, maybe you won't. Either way, you're an amazing person for having the patience and heart enough to welcome new users and respond to people. You even thanked people for following you. Such a humble fellow, you are.

Anyways, just came to thank you for being awesome and giving me the drive to be here. Until next time, good sir.

Rediscovered an old, abandoned account of mine after six-plus months of not logging in. I'd only wrote one thing, and only talked to one person. I guess I'm just here to pay my respects, and to let you know that I stopped running.

I haven't used this account or even been a member of this fandom in years, but today I felt suddenly compelled to come and find your profile. Your simple comment on my profile all those years ago had a butterfly effect on my life, as crazy as it sounds. It gave me the understanding that there are communities of writers trying to support each other. I'm legitimately unsure I would still be writing and creating today if it weren't for that small act of kindness. It looks like you've been inactive here, too, but if you ever see this: thank you. You shaped a big part of my life as well as the lives of many others here on this page.

+rep for being friendly to newcomers while he was active here

Hi. I wouldn't be surprised if you've forgotten about this comment, but by any chance could you summarize the plot or send me a PDF for the story? Your link doesn't work anymore and the Wayback Machine can only load the story's front page.

I know you won't read this, since you've seemed to have moved onto greener pastures, but you are one of my biggest inspirations on this site. To this day, Certain Advantages remains one of my favorite all time stories on this site, and easily my favorite comedy. You're cheerful, helpful nature is a joy to behold, and I hope you are happy wherever you are.

I'll try to learn from what you've written here, and hopefully be able to bring the same joy you've given others with your stories with mine. Peace and love. :heart:

~ Not Enough Coffee

I have been off this site for about a year, but i never forgot about desc, even though i only ever had one interaction with them. When i first joined the site they welcomed me right on my page and it made me feel happy, as i logged on the other day i saw that 3 post interaction and smiled remembering that day.

It's so wholesome that a single user left such a huge impact on so many people. It's so sweet scrolling through here and seeing all the love and support, even when they are long gone. Godspeed, desc, where ever you may be.

  • Viewing 3,874 - 3,883 of 3,883
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Dear Loyal Watchers, Interested Visitors, and Confused Passersby,

First, let me start off by saying how much I've appreciated the support and compassion of so many people during my long, long recovery. I'm most grateful, and it has been a bright spot for me as my long weeks of isolation here in my home have slowly gone by.

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