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You Know...I may just start posting · 9:49am Feb 28th, 2012

I may just start posting my own stories. However, because of a serious lack of time and motivation, and the fact that life always seems to throw things in my way to distract me, it won't be a real story.

No, what I'll be posting is ideas.

A series of chapters involving ideas that float about in my brain that wish to be put on paper, but incapable due to me.

So I wish to post my ideas and let others do what they want with them.

How does that sound?


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After almost a year of being on here, I finally figured out how to use groups (I rarely look at the dashboard, I just read stories as they come in). And then I get a notification about a journal about groups.

So here I am.


Took you long enough. :rainbowwild:

Thanks for the favorite on A Spark Between Them.

What was your favorite part?

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Thanks for the watch! :yay:

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