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Alicornization · 9:39am June 14th

This one is JediMasterEd's fault.

Psychic spies in chitin try to steal your mind's elation
And little girls across the world dream of rainbow deflagrations
And if you stand for all of these things it's Alicornization

It's the crown of the world and all of equine civilization
The sun may sail in the sky so high, but it's settled in a central location

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Oof. All right, that's an answer. For the record, I meant no offense.

For anyone in the future... Fimfetch exists. I won't link it, out of respect for the author's wishes, but it's out there.

Jordanis, you're a good guy, and maybe you don't want to be associated or hear feedback on your work anymore, but others still might want to find it somehow. But obviously a direct link isn't necessary and in this case clearly not wanted. Be well, man.

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