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Necessity is the mother of my motivation. Don't ask who the father is.

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Yeah and at least one other whose name escapes me. I believe we beat the room didn't we? I think it was the Edgar Allen Poe themed one, but I might be getting it mixed up. I was pretty useless in those lol, but they're a lot of fun.

Hey, drawing is faster than writing, so why not. I'd like to do more write-offs but I never have the time, and those deadlines kill me.

It was me, sharp spark, you, bad horse, and Georg right? Wait I think Bookplayer was there too

Anyway I've managed to do a few write off competitions but I've literally been able to do more of the art ones in the writing ones I think because it's easier for me to just knock out shitty art then shitty writing

Yup! That was me. Good memories! I've just never gotten around to writing anything, except for a few small pieces for the Write-off group. Weren't you a part of that? I may still write a story, before we all die someday lol.

I would have sworn you were an author. Did we do a escape room at BronyCon 2018 or am I thinking of someone else?

  • Viewing 76 - 80 of 80
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