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50 Headcanon Questions · 4:19pm Oct 12th, 2014

Remember the trend that bounced around this site for a little, with people answering questions regarding their headcanon of Equestria?

I'm pretty late to the game, but I decided to do the same. As I understand it those answers were outlawed from blogs or something, and I don't think my link system would work here, so you can access my answers to the questions in this Google Doc:

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Declaration of Discontinuity

The below alterations to canon apply to anything and everything I write. I cannot in good conscience reconcile the overall events and characterizations the below canon media depict with the rest of FIM as we know it.

1. A Canterlot Wedding, in its entirety, never happened. This does not mean I will never use individual elements from that episode, such as the changelings. Cadance and SA are married, but the events surrounding their wedding were not as depicted in canon.

2. Magical Mystery Cure, in its entirety, never happened. The mane six are not and will never become alicorns unless I write a story specifically about such an event.

3. Spike At Your Service, in its entirety, never happened. Events as described in this blog post happened instead.

4. Equestria Girls, The Fall of Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Rocks, in their entirety, never happened.

5. Twilight's Kingdom, in its entirety, never happened. Tirek escaped Tartarus and was defeated, but not as depicted in canon.

6. The second major arc of the IDW comics, the one featuring the Nightmare Forces, never happened.

7. The events depicted in The Journal of the Two Sisters never happened.

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Any new story ideas?

You posted this somewhere I can't reply:

Why aren't we all unmarried and polygamous?

Because Mormons seem to like getting married first, for some reason.

1303430 A number of past efforts at writing have fallen flat. School, followed by graduation and job searching have also interfered with my creative efforts. I'm trying, though. I've never stopped writing since publishing I Am Chaos; I simply haven't published anything else on FIMFiction, is all.

1303093 Full, considering I just got back from Souplantation. Working on stocking up ideas for one-shotober. You writing any more stories? I liked the one you have.

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