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That feeling when you'll never be a famous pony writer who burns out and fades into obscurity. Why even live?

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On Incest · 8:43pm May 8th, 2019

So, I've been given the dubious honor of being one of the judges in the Incest is Wincest Contest. When Shake first asked me if I wanted to be a judge, I was a little baffled at first. Why me, one of the hardest to please and most critical, bitter husks of a human being that ever walked the Earth? Perhaps that was part of the point. For me, good clop is about more than just wet slapping

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Hope you're doing well, my dude.

Your avatar honestly makes guy!Delta look like he's wearing really messy eyeliner. Not that it's a problem.

Tea for sure.

Tea or coffee?

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