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Jet Stream, Apogee, and Delta Vee all belong to Shino (Twitter).

Art credits (by Shino): Group Icon and Banner

I originally made this to answer the most asked question,“Are the fics canon?”: the fics are as canon as the IDW comics are to the show, it’s up to the reader to take as they wish. Think of it as a pizza with different toppings, you don’t have to eat the slices with the toppings you don’t like, just eat the ones you do like and let others enjoy the ones they like • c • 

Left to right:
Night Tracer, Comet, Diamond Gavel
Jet Stream, Apogee, Delta Vee
Daisy 'Diz' Cutter, Sunny 'Trash' Lane, Nurse Bonesaw, Ms. Kindnicker

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Thanks to Xaquseg’s latest update now we can write \Delta V in super neat TeX format!

[math]\Delta V[/math]

Some other variants:


\Delta v

[math]\Delta v[/math]



Hey should have joined earlier! Thanks!

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