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What a beautiful Sunset.

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A Goodbye · 10:04pm Sep 24th, 2019

Report Holy · 29,234 views · Story: Some Mistakes Are Forever ·
Comments ( 773 )

Oh...oh shit...please don't...please don't do that...

please don't. your stories are beautiful

WOAH DUDE! Don't go that route! Please! You still have people here who are willing to talk with you and support you. Myself included!

Dude. Talk to us. Please call someone or call the national suicide hotline immediately. We're here for you.

No Holy please don’t do it! We love you!😢😭😩😫

As someone who has actually nearly gone through with this. Please don't. It doesnt solve the pain. It makes the pain hurt more. You hurt those that are truly close to you and those that still consider themselves your friend. You are a person with people who love and support you. Your family loves you. Don't do this... there is always a better way then this... please don't do this.

Please you got to keep living at least until the end. There is always a chance things can be better. But you will miss that chance if you end it now. Don't give in to despair

Don't do this, talk to someone, call the national suicide hotline, but please don't do this

I don't know what to say, honestly. I can't give any advice for such hardships, considering I never experienced them myself. The best thing I can suggest is that you go see a therapist, but I have no idea how your financial situation is.

Hey, whoa. Don't do this. I understand that things may have been shit for you lately, but there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. Just hold on.

I know life can be hard sometimes, and it's true that I can't offer much else beyond empty repeated phrases, but it's really true that there's always something to live for. No matter how small the thing is. Or even if there's nothing, there's always a chance that things can get better. Everyone only gets one shot at life, and they need to make the best of it. Don't just throw it away because you're convinced it won't change. At least wait until the 25th birthday you mentioned. And what you said about everyone being happy about your death is completely wrong. None of us want you gone. You've all meant something to us in one way or another. Please, Holy, reconsider.

My dad always says that when you dig yourself a hole. There is no direction left but up.

Please Celestia don't end your life

You don't truly know how many lives you may have touched.

Please. Get some help.

There is more to life than that.


What I'll say sounds awful but; so there's nothing we can do.
It's not a question because it seems that you've made your mind (while I do not accept it in the slightest), and we cannot say or do anything to keep you alive...
Then, I'll say that for all the things I know about you (only your stories, but there's surely other things that i'm not aware of)), you are worth it.
But I want you to consider it again, otherwise you wouldn't have bothered to spend time on that note for us, cause you know we care about you.

DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy, suicide is never the answer to depression! There are ways to treat it! If you killed yourself think about all the people who love you you would leave behind! They would be heartbroken! They would never be able to go on without you! Whatever kind of bad things have happened to you they’re NOT your fault! In truth suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem!

Agreed. You are just a person that has had bad things happen to. Any one of us would be willing to help you out. You mean more to anyone than you think

Don't do it, Holy. There's still so much more out there.


I understand if things might be hard for you, and I may not personally know how it feels, but please. You still have the potential to brighten your own life, no matter the hardship you've been through.

He literally said take the initiative and actually pm dont just say that you are there for him or say to call a hotline

I'm not the best at talking, but don't do it, man. Suicide isn't worth it. I've known a lot of people in similar positions to you. Things can turn around in an instant. You never know what's around the corner.

Holy, please, listen to reason. There must be something to salvage from all of this. I can’t begin to understand how you feel and I’m not going to spout empty lines on how things will get better by tomorrow but you’ve got to at least try.

Please. Try and get help for this. Try and find a way to make life worth living again. Don’t do this.

Holy, listen to me right now. Contact professional services at once, talk to us, please! We're all here for you!

Prove yourself wrong

Please, do not do it.
Even if we never talked to you directly, we care about you, more then just for your stories, that's why we are all here.
So please, if you come back before it is too late, don't do it

RNBW #26 · Sep 24th, 2019 · · 3 ·

No, don't do it. Don't go through it. Taking your life won't fix everything. What would your parents think? What would those close to you think? They'll be in pain. Suicide is never the answer, there's always a light in the darkest days. Just don't go through it, seek professional help. Please.

Please don't kill yourself...as someone that thought that killing themselves would just make others feel better for not having a failure around...it isn't true...please be okay...

Don't it, You'll not never see us all again.

Sorry, what I meant to say was why, and I know i Read the whole note but, why? Why do it, why now and why there?. That's the same questions that everyone asks when something complicated happen in their lives but lemme rephrase it again.

Why Do you think you know suicide is an option, like the word optional it's the last option anyone accepts, except for those are fanatical to ideas and concepts but that is not the point I'm pointing.

The opinion I'm making is that Life threw so much at you that it made you weak, and weaker by day and day, don't properly take care of yourself, doesn't consider moving on with an idea using anything lethal to kill yourself. IT'S NOT FRICKING FAIR!

But the the point is that you can be better, it's true. Anyone can be better when their mentally healthy and safe but with depressions and anxiety dampens the process, I'm not saying let go of your life but cling with your dear life and think of all the positive things that happen to you.

And that's the thing, they all pass and move with time, and things change and pass, instinctively you let yourself loose and went deeper into the dark hole that is suicide, but as another human being, you are not adapting to your enviroment, your not thriving in a condition, you thinked of it as less important.

But...I... Mean't to say is that You can be better, be happy on the other side, to keep up the good fight of your life, look around your yard and hike up the hill, seeing the sunset rise up like Celestia raising the sun, maybe even knowing that Life; will always find a way, and be better if you work and fight hard enough for it. And hey, if you moved on and passed the test, you can maybe see many beautiful morning dews on the morning, drink to wake up and maybe smile that you fought and succeded.


Dude please don’t!!! This isn’t the answer!!!

I sent you my number, Holy. Call me.

Don’t go! Please! You are loved on this site! Just please don’t go. I already found out yesterday that my brother had attempted suicide 2 years ago, and I don’t want someone else committed suicide on my mind!

Please just don’t go. Give us a chance to show how much we love to have you on this site, to have you a part of this fandom, this family!

I've been dealing with depression for almost 25 years; I've thought about taking that final step more times than I can count. Do you know what stopped me? The thought that, no matter how alone I felt, someone, somewhere, would grieve for me. I have no doubt that there are people who would do the same for you. I sincerely hope I'm not too late in saying this, but at least think about asking for help.


Dude please don't do it, to many good people die everyday because of suicide!:fluttercry:

No. Don't. You're better than that. You have too much worth to end it now. You're brave. And lonely are the brave in this world. Even though you hate it, even though it hurts, you still kept pressing forward. You're braver than I am. I can't imagine how tough you are to keep on living in such a cruel world. You are strong, because you've kept moving forward. You are strong. You are strong.

Killing yourself won't solve anything. There's so much more of life to experience! Stay strong!

HOLY! If you want to, talk to me and I'll listen! Please, DON'T DO THIS!

I.. I'm sorry that your life is filled with so much pain. I really wish that you wouldn't do this, but I suppose none of us can truly stop you if you're this dead set on it. If you can find even the tiniest sliver of hope, please hold on. Life is painful, yes, but it can be more than that.

If you can't find that sliver I wish you the best. If nothing else, I hope that it's a beautiful sunset.

Just. Just don't do it. Please. please.

I don’t have any experience in therapy, but what I do have is a sister who has experienced depression.

While it’s clear that several things I say aren’t going to help, I’m gonna tear myself apart if the gunshot goes off and I didn’t try to help, it’s just in my blood.

I’m under the impression that you drew the picture in this note yourself, if so, it’s actually really damn good, and I think that you actually have something that could be good down the line.

Honestly, if I’m telling the truth, every person that I see an opportunity to help with is valued in my mind. I’m a firm believer that every person matters, and for the record, if you killed yourself, I would actually feel torn apart. It would probably destroy me because I couldn’t help.

And you know what, I’m probably speaking words that fall on deaf ears, no offense. There’s a rare chance you’re coming back onto FiMfiction to read the comments on this post, let’s be real.

Empty words? Maybe to you. But after the sun sets in the Midwest, I’m probably goning to cry. These words aren’t empty to me.

Author Interviewer

oh god, don't do this

you know what it feels like to lose someone to suicide

there's always a chance to make things better, always

DON"T DO IT broski! Suicide is is never the answer!

Anybody know if he's been to any pony convention where!? Quick share some info if you have something

Me and some people are trying to find his ip or anything so we can get ahold of his phone number.

I refuse to see someone suffering so much take the easy way out. The worst is already over. There are more ways out than mercing yourself. I already got one person not to off themselves, and a friend that as long as I'm around, won't do it. I don't care how little you feel you're worth, you're worth so much to all of us. Don't end it all.

Please reconsider. The rest of the people on this site are praying for you. I have been dealing with depression off and on, as well as Asperger's Syndrome, loss of jobs, and deaths of relatives, etc. But I am a survivor and you are too! Every day you get up in the morning, you survived another day.

Look through their blogs! They might have announced going to a con.

I really hope you don't do this. You have so much more worth than you realize. And yes, the pain you've gone through is valid, but it doesn't have to destroy you.

Please come back. Talk to us. Reconsider.

What!? NO! I don’t want you to die. It’s hard, sure, but there ARE people in and out of the herd who care about you. I get it that life is hard and the world sucks, but there are people who care about you. I’m not the only one who doesn’t want you to go through the point of no return.

Before you ask, no I’m not doing this for attention. The point is that if you die, the world will suck even more!

I’m not going to say I know exactly what your going through, because I don’t. But I’ve been down a similar road. Your stories, they inspire people. Hell, they inspired me to start writing. You’re an amazing author and stronger than you realize. We are here for you to support you and be there for you. Bad things may have happened in the past, but that doesn’t mean we can’t change the future. Please, don’t leave. We can work through this. You are loved! You matter and are cared for by many people!!!

While life may be tough at times, choosing to end your life won't stop the pain.

I ask that you stay alive. At least for one more week and try to take notes about what causes you to be sad. What are the things that trigger your depression and then try to see if your mood improves if you severe those connections.

As humans we are often programmed by the circumstances we encounter in our lives. However that does not mean we have to follow those programs.

Please hold onto your life. It is a gift and once you give it up, you can never take it back.

Thank you.

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