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Trixie Senpai FOREVER!!! Ship Trixie with anyone and you'll make your fic 500% cooler/awesome! Also remember to give the golden mares some love! Mayor Mare, Cherry Jubilee, and Harshwhinny!

Kirin are Cute & Floofy!!

Ah, there we go. Greatest Kirin ever!

My Fave EQG SOng: Mad Twience!

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I'm back from Break · 4:22am October 3rd

Hey everyone, I'm back from Hawaii!

Well, actually I've been back a few days and just got busy with work after my Grandma passed. But I'm back ready to write and I already updated Adventures Across Space. Storm Vine will be next on the update list and should have only a few more chapters left. It'll be coming to a close soon, so make sure to stay caught up!

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Report zalla661 · 34 views · Story: Storm Vine · #statusupdate

Who's the Cutest EQG Girl? (Second to Trixie of course you silly people!!)

Sunset Shimmer!!

I mean, how cute can you make her?

Now, look at that sassy hip motion! (It says, I did nothing wrong) >w< Isn't it the cutest thing?

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Oh, okay, thanks! Glad you're enjoying the Triagio shipping! And stay tuned for tomorrow, a new tale with some more shipping with them will come :raritywink:

I started to read you Sirens series and loved them. A bit much on teh Sunset punishment, but otherwise it was a nice read. I'm on the TixAgio side stories now.

Thank you very much for the follow!:twilightsmile:

May I ask why? :twilightblush:

Hmm... Honetly I take things in stride when I read. I'm not really clever. :rainbowlaugh:

But for what the story is worth, I like it because I find it amusing/funny beyond words. The dynamic of Sunset with Filly twilight and now Cadence is very interesting. I was going to say jarring, but that wouldn't be correct. It's the kind of thing I like where there is mindless funny, cute, and great word play. Sunset has such a serious outlook on life but she looks down on everyone, except twilight I think, and hates the "pink one". I can see where you say things aren't what they seem, cause in the context of what I read to that I thought it was implying Pinkie was the one she was thinking about. But no, it wasn't. It's hard to say what I really like, mostly just the interactions with Sunny and Twi, i guess/. :twilightsmile:

Things in the story may not be what it seems, and things that I write may not be in good faith.

  • Viewing 181 - 185 of 185
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