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Trixie Senpai FOREVER!!! Ship Trixie with anyone and you'll make your fic 500% cooler/awesome! Also remember to give the golden mares some love! Mayor Mare, Cherry Jubilee, and Harshwhinny!

My Fave EQG SOng: Mad Twience!

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Some of my old Fave Anime songs · 9:06am February 12th

After reading some old stories in my folders I got a bit nostalgic. :scootangel: (That means old) So, here are some of my favorite anime songs I've heard over the years. What are some of yours? Let me know in the comments. I'm always interested te o hear new things I might not have heard before, and just plain curious. :twilightsmile:

Guyver: Mo Hitori no-Oreo. AKA Guyver!! The Other Me

Clannad After Story: Ana

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Stories I Highly Recommend

I have come across many stories in the short time I've been on this site. Here is a nice little list of stories I highly recommend reading.

First is a nice little fic about Trixie falling in love with Rarity called: Mysteries of Love by The MysteriouStranger. After the Battle of the Bands Rarity finds out that there's more to Trixie than the boastful arrogant lout she appears to be.

Second I recommend Trixie's Forest Retreat, by: Crowscrowcrow. Also, if you see him or comment on his stories, tell him he's a butt for killing OctyTrix for me. :raritywink: This story is a nice little romance story of humor and lots of miscommunication between close friends.

Who's the Cutest EQG Girl? (Second to Trixie of course you silly people!!)

Sunset Shimmer!!

I mean, how cute can you make her?

Now, look at that sassy hip motion! (It says, I did nothing wrong) >w< Isn't it the cutest thing?

Some of my DA Page #zalla661

so, for some time now the DA connections been on the fritz and no one has fixed it. As far as I know, so I decided to manually place some of my art here for your enjoyment. I'll update it every month now with at least one new pony related thing. (Until I get lazy)

To start, here's one of my most recent pieces. Part of my soon to be expanded Big Sister Lightning Dust collection. This is an old head cannon I had where Lightning is the older sibling to Scootaloo.