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Trixie Senpai FOREVER!!! Ship Trixie with anyone and you'll make your fic 500% cooler/awesome! Also remember to give the golden mares some love! Mayor Mare, Cherry Jubilee, and Harshwhinny!

My Fave EQG SOng: Mad Twience!

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What has Zalla Been doing all this time? · 1:47am July 28th

Hey there everyone!

So a lot of you may be wondering why I'm not updating so frequently. The honest truth is I'm a lazy butt. No, seriously I have been so lazy about his after work and everything I haven't even done most of my artwork I need to finish cause I have no deadline. Unlike my work, but that's a topic for another time.

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Report zalla661 · 46 views · Story: Storm Vine · #Stormvine #update #storyupdate

Who's the Cutest EQG Girl? (Second to Trixie of course you silly people!!)

Sunset Shimmer!!

I mean, how cute can you make her?

Now, look at that sassy hip motion! (It says, I did nothing wrong) >w< Isn't it the cutest thing?

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