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After helping to stop the Storm King, Tempest Shadow decides to return home under the suggestion of Princess Twilight Sparkle. She returns home to try and make amends with her family and friends, but years of contempt and anger will block her from a flawless transition.

With a little faith, and a little support from an unlikely friend, Tempest will try her best to make up for the lost time.

“Have faith in family and friendship.” Twilight Sparkle

Now reviewed by the talented: PaulAsaran! Thank you for the input! :scootangel:

Edited by: Solitare and Spooky YuGiOh Brony! Thanks guys!:scootangel:

Made Popular Story List: 10/19/17! Thanks everyone!

Possible Spoilers for the MLP Movie!

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During the events of Celestial Advice, Twilight sends Starlight to the Dragonlands where she befriends Princess Ember, Lord of Dragons.

Written for the: ScifiPony's Writer's Training Ground Celestial Advice prompt.

Chapters (1)

Shortly after the Super X was destroyed by Godzilla Adagio and Rainbow went on with their lives. Rainbow went to College and Adagio continued to work as an independent researcher. Now with their friends coming together for a school reunion and Camp Everfree the two lovers use it as an excuse to rekindle their dying relationship.

But Camp Everfree has many secrets, and with trouble lurking by there's no telling what will happen next, in Camp Everfree.

Sequel to Legend of the Siren: A Fathers Return.

Character Personalities may change due to AU Tag.

Chapters (20)

Coloratura tells Applejack of a mistake she made int he past after Svengallops true nature is revealed to her. She then tried to make amends with a few old friends and her first mentor when she was introduced to show business with Applejack as moral support.

But a lot of time has passed since then, and Coloratura fears it maybe too late to say sorry.

Chapters (1)

Octavia finds a peculiar pegasus at her home in her birdbath and asks why the pegasus acts like pigeon. What she learns is a dark secret about pegasi and their origins. After a misunderstanding Octavia must now pick up the pieces of her fallen relation ship with Thunderlane and seek Pigeons help.

Updated irregularly.

Chapters (3)

A series of short stories following different ponies or groups of ponies to help celebrate Mothers Day. (Callout to your mothers and tell them you love them!)

New chapters every few hours.

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After being freed from the Amulet, Trixie returns home to the Pie Rock farm to find Limestone at Holder's Boulder.

After a rough confrontation Limestone and Trixie get into a bad situation that forces them to both think about what they'd done in their lives and their feelings about each other in what could be their very last moments.

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Shortly after Sonata tells the Rainbooms about their father Adagio has become restless. She has frequent nightmares and is madly working on a school project unaware she's being affected by her sisters tale.

She jumps at the sound of loud noses and is afraid of shadows. Everyone notices the change in her behavior. At the top of the worry list is Rainbow, Adagios now girlfriend. Everyone's worried about her newly, and worsening, paranoia as they try to unravel what has the siren on edge news of monster attacks across the globe had everyone in a panic. Adagio knows times ticking and she fears what the end will hold for her when her father finds her.

Godzilla 2014 corssover. Sequel to Legend of the Sirens. WARNING: Personalities may change due to AU canon.

All content owned by their respected owners.
Edited by a good friend: Boulder

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After the Battle of the Bands, the Dazzlings become friends with the Rainbooms.

During one of their hangouts one of the Rainbooms asks where the sirens came from and the story is told by Sonata Dusk. A tale of a powerful beast that not only birthed the entire siren race and had the most powerful voice of all sirens. Adagio all the while listens and contributes to the story along with Aria from time to time.

WARNING: Personalities may change due to AU canon.

Cover art made by me .
Sequel story: Legend of the Sirens: A Fathers Return. one-shot Romance Crossover! :heart:

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Starlight Glimmer, now reformed has begun a journey to spread friendship across the land as Twilight Sparkle's student. Along the way she will make new friends and meet some old ones. Along the way she might even help shape Equestria to a land of equality and tolerance she always wanted.

Mare X Colt shipping later chapters. Thus has been warned.

(SPOILERS for Season 5! Takes place after Season Finale) BEST SEASON FINALE EVER!

Edited by: DualKitsune.

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