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Welcome! Feel Free To Join!

Hello everypony I want to thank you for clicking on this group! This is a group that is dedicated to commenting on and reviewing stories submitted by authors needing help. We will also feature monthly contests, tips and tricks for writing fimfictions and more! This group is completely for the people. Here there will be an environment of love and support from your fellow authors. We are currently accepting ponies who want to be reviewers, see 'how to become a commentator' if you are interested.

How to Submit a Story

Submitting a story for review is very easy to do. First simply pop over to our 'Meet the Reviewers' page in our forums: and find a reviewer you like. Than find their folder in our stories archive and submit your fic! Our reviewers will get back to you as soon as they are able to.

Our Monthly Contests

Feel like you need a challenge? Check out our monthly contests thread! Good luck!

How To Become a Commentator

PM me at with a review of a story, any story. Please be respectful with the review and please make it somewhat long and in depth. Once your review has been accepted I will appoint you to the job of commentator, from there you will create a post in the 'Meet your reviewers' forum thread and receive your own folder that authors will submit stories to for you to review. Also, be prepared to be asked what type of fics you want to review. If you would like to review solely adventure fics, than tell me and I'll create a sub folder in your review folder for adventure fics. If you would like to review only shipfics, or even gore fics, than just tell me. I strive for only the best treatment of my fellow commentators, you will not have to review anything you are opposed to. Please consider joining.


Now I'm not much of a rulesy type of pony, but there are just a few things I hope you will refrain from doing;

1) Being a meanie. No name calling or otherwise abusive language directed at other authors or reviewers.
2) Submitting clop fics, or fics with obsessive gore to reviewers who have expressed disinterest in them. Bottom line if you submit a rated M fic and one of the reviewers says they don't want to read it, than apologize and don't push. None of the reviewers here are subject to read about things uncomfortable to them. Respect their opinions.
3) Breaking a Pinkie Pie Swear. Always unacceptable no matter what forum you're on.

If you abide by all the rules above than you should have no trouble fitting in around here. Breaking these rules may result in being banned, but it would have to be a really big mess up for that to happen.

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