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Welcome one, welcome all, to the Twirilee group, a place for all things Twirilee. Everyone's more than welcome to join, comment, create discussions, add fics, and share whatever else it is that's on their mind. One of the main goals of this group is to encourage the writing of more Twirilee fics so that we can add to our unfortunately small collection.

Prominent Discussions:

Introductions: Come on over and introduce yourself! We'd all love to meet you. Magic of friendship and whatnot.

Well, there's nothing else going on at the moment! Maybe you could post up a new topic for all of us to talk about. It'll be fun!

Group Folder Descriptions:

Please pick only one folder per fic.

Humanized: Put all humanized fics here (or fics that contain humans). Humanized stories take precedence over all other folders, regardless of rating or content.

Non-Romance (Friendshipping): This folder is for any fic that doesn't include any Twirilee romance (but does involve them interacting as main characters in a story), including fics in which one pony has feelings that the other doesn't reciprocate. If the fic does have romance, but the two break it off, it still belongs in the regular Romance folder. Rating doesn't matter here. Put all non-romance stories in here and not in any other folder.

Not Safe for Work: Add all fics that have a mature rating in this folder, regardless of other tags (as long as it's primarily Twirilee). Please note that there are fics that have "Sex" or "Gore" tagged which have lower ratings, such as "Teen". These fics belong in the regular Romance folder.

Romance: This is the standard romance folder. Every fic that doesn't fit into any other folder in the group belongs here!

Stories with, but not focused on, Twirilee: Those fics that have background Twirilee go here. The Twirilee in these fics should not be entire chapters worth, but rather, portions of chapters. Rating doesn't matter here.

Twirilee Chapters: Finally, there's this folder. Fics that have chapters dedicated to Twirilee (such as speed prompt compilations or interludes) belong here. Rating doesn't matter here.

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Twirilee nation rise up, this ship is highly underrated and deserves more. Amen.

349570 Maybe, I guess that would make sense.
They have a common friend in Pinkie Pie who knows every Pony intimately from the get-go-

Adding to this, Twilight opened a school for gifted fillies in the Episode Twilight Time, even if it may have been established off screen before this?
Colleagque romance is a classic, isn't it? They seems to share the love for learning, even if they started out expressing this differently.

325437 I found 226 on 26 stories, maybe I need to change something about these figures?

298170 I like this ship, just need to see more of the group.

298153 Insane is not loving the ship, just that some has to be the Trail-Blazer for it. Season Four is approving the ship, at least in the spirit, do we need more? Others have been shipping for less substance than this.

This may not be my OTP but this ship is so underrated. They obviously know each other very well, well enough that Cheerliee trust Twilight to help her with the Talent Show in the first season, honestly I think they know each other from the past.:twilightsmile:

There are now 123 members. For great science!

Derped on the folder addition there with Bookends (1). It has been fixed, so no need to worry. :ajsmug:

I have been writing a Twilight/Bubbles (Derpy) series. However, I had a Twilight/Cheerilee side project that has taken off (better than my other works!) Hope this group enjoys/approves of my work Bookends.

Not at all. I actually created a Cheerilight group that's empty so I could redirect it here. I haven't actually done that part yet and probably should... Either way, once I get around to actually doing that, both names will point to the same place!

I hope you don't mind if I continue using the Cheerilight portmanteau. It just looks and sounds less awkward to me. :twilightsmile:

How did I not see this group

New best group?
New best group.

This is like, my OTP

Quite the opposite! This is a serious contender for best ship. :ajsmug:

I'm so glad a Twirilee group exists now. I thought I was insane for loving this ship.

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