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Welcome to the ultimate group of Spitfire shipping!

For all those who appreciate some good Spitfire love, then join this group to add your own or other user's stories, search out a good read, or just chat with other members. We welcome you to join us.

Nothing too harsh, just the basic stuff.
1) Add your story to the correct folder.
2) Be kind and respectful to other members.
3) Keep threads relevant. This also means no spamming or trolling.
4) Abide by the general site and group rules.

Groups dedicated to specific ships
Ponies For SpitDash Shipping
SpitDash Shipping
If I've missed any, let me know.
Also, go to the Spitfire group for general awesomeness.

If you have any questions, ask one of us admins.

Don't forget to abide by the rules, and have fun!

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I really ship her with Soarin

Spitfire needs somepony defiantly

I read any grammar and still understand it.

yea i do like to see that.

Since there already is a PinkFire in there, I guess I may as well have a shot.

Why is there an empty Misty Fly Folder?

how would a DitzyFire ship look?

I guess it is time,
could as well have a SpitFire ship setting sail.

is there any takes on which pony to ship a spite fire to?

That's ALOT of clops.Just sayin.

That's some major wingboner on the group description's picture. :trollestia:

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