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A group dedicated to the military's of all universes. Militaries from games, anime, movies or real world will be here.

But here's the catch.

The main character must be affiliated with this military (e.g. Leader, Founder, soldier, weapon smith, medic ect.).

The groups will be split in two.
One folder for humans and all human related sub folder. (Human turned pony or other)
One folder for ponies and all pony related sub folders. (Pony turned human or other, pony goes to human world)

Feedback and advice welcomed. If you find something wrong in the folders (e.g. Pony goes to human world folder or story in human folder) or don't see a folder that you think should exist please inform me and I will fix that as soon as possible.

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Thanks for that!

My PC keeps correcting Militaries to Military's.



5 in less than 15 minutes. Pretty good job

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