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Used to be very anti-Brony, but faithfully leaped into the fandom wholeheartedly after just a week.

Contact Info

You can find me on really any social media outlet with the username FUNNYCHICAGOFAN, including Steam, Xbox, etc. If you want message me or friend request on any of these platforms and I'm sure we will both gain a friend or more!

-Skype: tertialcactus21@xboxlivefamily.com or FUNNYCHICAGOFAN
-E-Mail: pattersonleyton@yahoo.com
-KiK: FUNNYCHICAGOFAN; send a message along with the new chat saying this is how you found me so I don't delete the chat right away.
-Line: funnychicagofan
-Discord: FUNNYCHICAGOFAN#3998 and I made a server; https://discord.gg/ZZDUtfs
I'm always looking forward to meeting new people so don't hesitate just contact me in some way, we might even become lifelong friends!

About me

Obviously I'm a big fan of the Wonderbolts. I'm a practical guy and that's probably because I'm what you would consider a redneck. If you look at my OC I have a stetson and aviators as well I am a pegasus and share the exact same color scheme as Spitfire. Even tough I'm a pegasus I have a stetson which would be more for an earth pony but that is because as I mentioned I am a redneck, and I know a lot about the military and support it as well as I have a passion for flying. You could probably tell from my favorite ponies though since they pretty much are all either Apples or are in the Wonderbolts and or in the Equestrian military. Go on try and test my knowledge on any military you like. I'm not saying I'll know more than you but I'll know more than most especially when it comes down to equipment, gear, or vehicles used. Also I'm always willing to talk, especially about this sort of stuff, but I'll talk about anything, even if you just need to share your problems I'll help. Also I'll be happy to proofread or edit for anyone, and will always offer advice especially pertaining to any military US or other or even Equestrian.

Talk to Me
But other than that if you want to talk more you can always contact me using any of the info on my page above. Also if you ever need an editor or pre-reader or anything I'm here and would actually like to start doing that sort of thing, also if you ever need any advice when you are writing and there is anything to do with any military, US or otherwise or even Equestrian, come to me first I usually know off the top of my mind and or can find out fast and I reply quickly, and I will never expect pay, I do it because I'm new and want to get started and I also enjoy it.
Pony Personality test: Applejack
What kind of pilot would you be test result: Multirole

Favorite Ponies
Top 5
1. Rainbow Dash
2. Spitfire
3. Applejack
4. Luna
5. Soarin

Top 5 Stallions
1. Soarin
2. Discord
3. Shinning Armor
4. Big Mac
5. Rapidfire (even though he is only mentioned in one episode and in one book and never identified, I still like him because I have this feeling he will be identified and will be identified as Spitfire's brother or something and, that'll be cool.

Top 5 Mares (not mentioned above, so 5-10)
5. Misty Fly
6. Fleetfoot
7. Blaze
8. Starlight Glimmer
9. Stormy Flare; Spitfire's mom (because without her there'd be no Spitfire)
10. Lighting Dust

Favorite Planes
Favorite Strike fighter: Su-34 Fullback
Favorite Multitrole craft: F/A-18 Hornet
Favorite Attack Plane: A-10 Thunderbolt II (Su-25 Frogfoot as an extremely close second)
Favorite Long range bomber: B2 Spirit
Favorite Cargo plane C-130 Hercules (any variant)
Favorite Electronics warfare: E/A-6B Prowler
Favorite Attack Helicopter: KA-52 Alligator
Favorite Utility Helicopter: UH-1Y Venom
Favorite Reconnaissance Helicopter: OH-58 Kiowa
Favorite Multirole Helicopter: Mi-24 Hind
Favorite Cargo Helicopter: CH-53 Stallion (No pun intended) (hehehehe)

More Favourites

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Thank you for giving Ranger a look and putting it in your "read next" bookcase. I hope you enjoy the story. :twilightsmile:

2449294 Yeah, I've always been a fan and it was nice to celebrate since I'm in Kansas City, everyone was disappointed thinking the Royals would win another year in a row.

2449292 I've been a Cubs fan all my life! It's even better since I go to college in Cleveland. Felt great to celebrate when everyone around me was disappointed.

2448971 Which team? I'm a Cubs fan.

Thanks for the watch! (I'm a Chicagoan myself, btw)

  • Viewing 59 - 63 of 63
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