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NOTICE: Yes this most certainly is tagged ANTHRO and if that bothers you, don't read the story. In all honesty though I bet you are creative enough to ponify it in your mind! ^_^

The way Rainbow Dash felt about her friend AppleJack was something new to her, leaving her feeling pensive, nervous and excited. Will she act on these foreign feelings for her friend? Will her friend reciprocate these feelings? Or will she lose the best friend she has ever had?

Even if she did, things in life are seldom that simple and easy. Rainbow's past "experimental actions" could inadvertently cause her to lose the very mare she fell for head over hooves. So when the past comes knocking at her door again, what will Rainbow Dash do to keep what she fought so hard to get?

That's where Pinkie Pie comes in, ever the defender of her friends possibly budding relationship she goes to great lengths to make sure they get and stay together happily. Though when Pinkie figures out just who she is contending with in trying to protect her friends relationship; she finds herself stretched thin against the vengeful tide that spills forth. How long can she keep them safe from intruding eyes? Read on to find out just what happens...

Note: The artwork displayed is in no way my work, it is just a temporary cover image that I found conveyed the story's inevitable path. All credit for it should go to its author, and if anypony knows whom that is let me know so I can credit him/her for their work.

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I hate being the first commentor Ugh but you know what I don't care I believe that this is a good story and I can't wait for the next chapter.

3897598 Well I love you for being the first comment! :heart:
A lot of people seem to be very enthused with this story. Looks like its gonna get more work done than I originally intended.:derpytongue2:

*Looks over at Up vote/down vote*:rainbowderp: 3 downs since last I was on? That's odd...

3897653 Ship haters? I dunno.

Honestly, the more you write, the more you seem to "get" about what to do. There are definite improvements (coming from Chapter 2 of Adversity) in your writing, but as with all conflict, difficulty is slow to leave. Along with this sense of "Kay, get it done and tell them more things. Tell them ALL THE THINGS! NAOW!!!"
I can see this as good, but Romance isn't my cup of tea.

3898649 Its surprising though when you look at Through Adversity vs This...this outgunned in views within bout 2-3 days of what it took Through adversity to get in 1 week plus...:rainbowderp:

I tend to be slow and descriptive as hell with romance...but remember...there is a tragedy tag...just saying :raritywink:

3901661 welcome, I would like to see you fav one of my stories

3901663 To do that though i must find one to read first! To your stories section!:rainbowdetermined2:

3901697 may I make a reccomendation?
Any of my 4 current works
complete ones- My Little Amnesia Cadance
imcomplete ones- Rape in Equestria, The Legend of Cadance A Shining Link to the Past, or The Story of Prince Harmony

3901712 Shining link to the past a zelda crossover? :ajsmug:

3901740 yep
It is it is of my fist Zelda game I played, The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past

3901764 Very nice! My first was Ocarina of time! So I had ta know =3

3901843 did you know that Ocarina of time is based off of Link to the Past, when they revamped Link to the Past, they changed the name to Ocarina of Time. My copy was the combo game cartrige Link to the Past / Four Swords for the GBA

3901848 :pinkiegasp: Never knew that, but its awesome to know!:pinkiehappy:

3902078 I wrote the fic in the way I beat the game

S'alright. Not fantastic, but you have me intrigued.

It's AppleDash, so I'm interested. One thing though, her name is Applejack. One word.

3915181 Alright then, wasn't 100% sure of myself on that when I wrote it. :applejackunsure: I'll go through and fix that.
--->Fixed Applejack's name

3914841 Any thoughts on what will make it more amazing?:pinkiesmile:

Applejack: "I just saw myself beat the crap out of in the mirror." Shrug. "Whatever, I got a date to go to..."

Further comment withheld for PM.

3922347 Foreshadowing...it is a literary device. Though, I will give ya it was a little rushed...I do have a reason behind that no worries. Can't just give story away in first few chapters, sometimes I build upon it. Give it time...

Can't believe it took me this long to notice this comment though:rainbowderp:

I can't tell you how many times I've felt like Gilda...I really can't...

Makes reading this all the better! Rock on! Can't wait to see how this plays out! \m/

4037727 Well with what little I have to go on for her personality, I'd have to ask if you totally agree with how I portrayed her in chapter 4?
Also its odd that it didn't show that you commented on the story :rainbowderp: I happened across it checking the story myself. Odd...Anyways :pinkiehappy: I'm glad you like it, and I really do hope you will continue reading! :rainbowdetermined2:

Keep it up! You're doing good! I normally don't like Anthro fics, but I like this one :pinkiehappy:

4068723 I am so glad to get a comment, and an encouraging one to boot!:pinkiehappy: Thank you so much for the support!:heart:

Finally to chapter 2!
That foreshadow... roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/isee.png
I wonder what will happen next.

4114161 You're still reading? :rainbowkiss:*Squee* Awesome! Seems like story has been looked at a lot more of late...it is really raising my morale to write!:rainbowdetermined2:

This story is almost the best I've read in my life and I'm talking real authors with real books keep up the great work can't wait to see more.:twilightsmile: I also have a questain are the charecters humans or ponies :applejackconfused: THX :moustache:

4169394 Anthro. Pony's with human like features, but in my opinion you can really imagine them either way and it'll still work out. I just put the story as I see it in my mind, but as the reader I really feel you get final choice.:ajsmug: Also, seriously, thank you for your inspiring words! :twilightsmile:
4168498 But your comment came in so shortly after I posted it...:rainbowderp: H-H-How can you have read it that fast? Speed reader doesn't even begin to cover that!

4169656 I can read the entire Rainbow Factory fanfic in about 10 minutes.

4169668 Not gonna lie...i haven't read it yet. It's one of those things I intend to get to but fail to miserably! :ajsleepy:

4169690 Hey might I recommend a fic, read UniqueSKD's story My Little Randomness

the "Used" Toys one I came up with.

4169700 Noooooo I already have 80 in my read later list :pinkiecrazy:

4169730 one other thing do you want to be a vampony

4170304 what? What did I do?
4169787 That's nice...no thank you:trollestia:

4171694 Vampires come on you've GOT to be kidding:rainbowhuh:

4171698 I told forgotten no what more do you want from me? :moustache:

yeah i'm tired its midnight where I live (yawn) but I need to red these stories!! :heart:

4171725 I feel ya i got a read later list that is 80 strong! :twilightblush:

It's hard being a ...well i can't call myself a brony since I'm a girl i guess i'm a pega sis yeah pega sis :rainbowlaugh: on fimfiction sigh:moustache:

4171791 :twilightsmile: Ah well it works out fer me. The term your looking for I believe is pegasister, but could be wrong :derpytongue2: So I hope you continue to read and enjoy my story(stories). Chapter 12 posts Thursday so you know.:pinkiesmile:

4178756 Posting after I reply to comments silly. one second! :derpytongue2:

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