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Nothing but an empty vessel.

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As a peace offering to you fine people of...whatever group this happens to be...(I forgot), I give you....WinoBot:

Every day...every day we'll make the world a bit more beautiful. Hush now...shhhh. *strokes your face* Let it wash over you.

'Rah. Dan Daly. Chesty Puller. Something motivated.

Former 0331 reporting in. I hope the 1st Sergeant over this group doesn't have a Hitler 'stache.


You know there are 4 other bronies here ths t I know

318337 that's correct

318072you still at Pendleton?

Semper Fi brothers, Cpl. Flanagan 5812 Camp Pendleton CA. Marine for 4 years, Brony for 2 can't wait to see some of the stories you guys post

317789 1,2,3,4, Marine Corps. A 1,2,3,4, Marine Corps. Back in 1775, my Marine Corps came alive. Paris Island where it all began, a little rock, with lots of sand. Well you can forget about Hollywood, San Diego, and it's all good!

My corp. was born 1775!

Hmm... very well. :applejackunsure:
Still! Glad to be here!

hey there :3

If I were to say I thought I was a Col. for ten years due to severe Schizophrenia, would that count as service? :twilightsheepish:

Bout time there was a group for us crazy ones! :pinkiecrazy:

Served 91-95. Got out a Corporal. Listed as a 3512, but also spent time working on heavy equipment, and doin 3rd echelon (3522) Motor T work.

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