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Tentacle Slaphappy

Never tried it, yet I still think it's delicious...

Possible Reasons

Possible reasons for why I followed you:
-You have a quality that I like (art, music, writing, enthusiasm, etc.)
-You like/love tentacles
-Your avatar is cool
-You gave a hug or are the huggee :3
-Because my tentacles like you
-Because I felt like it
-Because my tentacles felt like it
-Because my tentacles like you


Welcome to my user page! I'm not as active on the site as I used to be, so if I don't respond immediately, then don't take it personal. No pone likes hurt feelings, so if your feelings were hurt, please click this link.

Also, you can try PMing me. I respond to that easier. And I'll give glomps to sad poni pones. c:

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A banned user, apparently dead. Using April Fools to hide their passing.

How odd this site is, with so many dead, their abandoned accounts the only evidence of their existence.

2980558 Did she actually die?

I miss you. :heart:

Glorious fgts dye yung

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