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Tentacle Slaphappy

Never tried it, yet I still think it's delicious...

Possible Reasons

Possible reasons for why I followed you:
-You have a quality that I like (art, music, writing, enthusiasm, etc.)
-You like/love tentacles
-Your avatar is cool
-You gave a hug or are the huggee :3
-Because my tentacles like you
-Because I felt like it
-Because my tentacles felt like it
-Because my tentacles like you


Welcome to my user page! I'm not as active on the site as I used to be, so if I don't respond immediately, then don't take it personal. No pone likes hurt feelings, so if your feelings were hurt, please click this link.

Also, you can try PMing me. I respond to that easier. And I'll give glomps to sad poni pones. c:

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2980558 Did she actually die?

I miss you. :heart:

Glorious fgts dye yung

rip in pepperoni :,c

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