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the danger zone. it's real. I like the nlr, am a NASCAR fan, and Rainbow Dash is my favorite.

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Waiting for approval again! · 7:14pm May 17th, 2015

Well, second times the charm I guess. Added 200 words, more ponies, and proper grammar so I should be good. Yay!:yay:

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I might consider makeing a NASCAR fic. If I do it will come out in 2 weeks from now.:rainbowdetermined2:

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Thank you for the follow! Why did you decide to make such a terrible mistake?

Wow, thanks for the follow! I much appreciate it :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite!

Saluton, new follower!

Thank you for the fave on TCBEGS: AFCIR (As I like to shorten the title to when talking about it sometimes). I hope you find other fics of mine to enjoy as well.

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