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737081 40w 4d now.

He's dead, Jim.

God dammit I keep misspelling "dead".

Oh well, it's not like anyone comes here anymore, soooo:


If you are reading this future FF user wondering just what the fuck happened to this guy and what the fuck am I doing, well, I was high this day :yay:

I was about to ask about "A sniff of Magic", but since the last seen feature reads "7w, 5d ago", I'm assuming that for all intends and purposes it's death :ajsleepy:

I'm feeling apprehensive about not getting a response from you after replying to a post of mine on A Sniff of Magic. Nothing I said or did, is it? :unsuresweetie:

621355 Yeah. And if you look on my page there's a section called Stories my OC is in

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