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I write fics, often late at night. Some folk like them. Also I like to use the word 'Aye' when I speak.


Santa Sparx is Dropping Presents! (RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!) · 4:05pm Dec 18th, 2014

SO, for the unaware, Valley of Rainbows has received an update and will be receiving another one pretty soon, so go check that out as it's my main project at the moment. Expect another chapter and another mini-chapter journal entry over there.

That's not all though, as I have a small, but thought out present ready for you guys this holiday that I'll be posting on the 20th, so look out for that. It's something that I felt I had to write and did so in a single night without stopping, one of those rare moments where inspiration just overwhelms you.

Anyways, how are y'all doing? Sit up on Santa Sparx's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas or Hearths Warming or Krampus Fest or whatever you're into. Maybe if you're good I'll share some cool things I've found?

Like that this exists! I love it!

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Here comes dat boi! Oh Shit waddup!

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Knock knock time to write again sprax

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