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I write fics, often late at night. Some folk like them. Also I like to use the word 'Aye' when I speak.


A story about nobody in particular, about a simple walk in the night through the snow, that can still happen to hold a little magic under the moon and cold. Just another warm event during a night in the cold.

Personally, I would recommend turning on some soft and wintry music for the desired effect while reading.

Inspired by This Video, which is something that, isn't exactly amazing, isn't exactly grand, but it really touches me somewhere, and has become one of my favorite...things ever, kind of like my happy place. I hope you all enjoy the story, because while it may not be long, it has some passion behind it, and I hope that shines through.

Much thanks to my friend, Solidfire for helping me out with editing.
Great thanks also to Praetorius for some beautiful artwork as well!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Merry Hearths warming Eve, Happy New Year and all of that.

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Equestria has changed. War threatens to tear the world apart, and Rainbow Dash finds herself caught in the center of it all, allied with the least likely of creatures.
The royal sisters have vanished, leaving Princess Twilight to take charge in their stead, bringing the eye of King Gallows of the Gryphon Kingdom. He begins wonder if Equestria has the strength needed to defend itself any longer.
The locations of the element bearers have become obscure at best, Twilight and Dash being the only two in contact with one another.
Having grown over the years, Dash has attained a greater wisdom, appreciation, and knowledge of the idea behind loyalty. This new grip on her fate allows her to channel the element in her possession as an individual, and pushes her to find her lost friends before they're lost for good, for their country may need them in this dark time. (Click 'Show More' for folk who helped and some handy info.)
This is the first in a series I plan to visit a number of times with Rainbow taking the role of our main protagonist, however as this is a large scale fantasy adventure, there will be multiple heroes with their own parts to play as well when the party splits up.

Another little tidbit that could interest you readers, is that most of the chapters of these stories will also be the titles of various songs from the power metal genre, a favored genre of mine that helped inspire and push forward this project. There will be a link to each song on the title at the beginning of the chapter if you wish to listen, but keep in mind that the story and song share little more than a title.

Great appreciation to Solidfire for editing this.

Many many thanks to SonicSketch for letting me use her wonderful art as a cover

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Climbing up the barren volcano known only as Black Mountain, Spike remembers his and Rarity's life as he tries to reclaim something that belongs to her.

Just a little something I thought of and whipped up. I'll go back and edit/proofread it when I get a connection back at home.

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Celestia finds herself bored and annoyed with the daily grind she has to go through, dealing with the over-privileged unicorns that come to whine about their problems. Though when an especially nasty couple begin their complaints, Rainbow Dash won't be having it. Mischief and loyalty follow.

An experimental Rainbow x Celestia fic, I hope you guys enjoy.

Many thanks to ShadowBlades for editing through this for me and helping make it better.

Much appreciation to Mysticalpha for the beautiful cover art as well.

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Princess Celestia calls Rainbow Dash to her side to alert her to her solution to an incoming danger.
But it's quite possible that Rainbow won't like what she hears, but what can the Element of Loyalty do when she's asked to save the country and Princess she has sworn loyalty to?

Much thanks to Solidfire for help Editing. I really do appreciate it.

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This is an experiment I decided to release for the Halloween Season. I'm going to ask that you don't give away any potential spoilers in the comments, but inevitably somebody will, so for those of you actually reading this, be careful when looking through the comment section.

"When invited to a Nightmare Night ball, Twilight Sparkle is told that not everything is as it seems and that something is going on behind the scenes. It falls to her and Luna to investigate the matter further before things get out of hoof."

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this Halloween story I've brewed up for you all, about the ponies we all love, getting into trouble at a royal Nightmare Night Ball.

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Spike finally decides to reveal his feelings for the pony he cares about, and nothing could possibly be better.

This isn't exactly full of a huge amount of conflict, it's mostly a sappy lovey dovey romance story for one of the cutest ships I've ever seen, because I'm a big sap and sucker.

Also if you're looking for the more... "spicy" scenes. They can be located here.

Cover art is My Little Spikey Wikey by Alexusprime, thanks to Deep Pond for pointing that out.

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Ten years have passed since Rainbow Dash and Spitfire formed their own flight team known as Sonic Dashfire. They've risen up to great fame and hit their peak with young Scootaloo learning from them both. When competition comes about, Dash and Spitfire accept the call and seek out new members to join their team. Sonic Dashfire returns, bigger and better than before.

This is a sequel story to A League of their own, to understand what's going on, go and read that one, including the bonus chapter, as that is technically the first chapter of this story.

Credit for the amazing artwork goes to Flameraven, go check him out.

Edit: This story has been cancelled, but don't worry, it just didn't turn out the way I felt it should have, I'll return to this with a different story, but I'll leave this one up for the people who enjoy it and would like to ponder the 'what if?'

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Ruby Pinch, despite living with the drunken Berry Punch, is a very happy filly. One day, she decides to walk out the door and chat it up with a few ponies to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Though, the things a porn addicted filly can say is more than enough to cause anypony to raise an eyebrow.

Story is about Lyra and best filly, Ruby Pinch AKA Pinchy. Personallities for Pinchy and Berry Punch are loosely inspired by the blog by Haute Claire. -> http://askrubypinch.tumblr.com/
as well as the Berry Punch blog by Skoon http://ask-berry-punch.tumblr.com/

This story is a bit of a spinoff with A League of Their Own, before the time skip in the bonus chapter. The events from THAT are in conjunction with the events that happen in THIS. Hope you guys enjoy.

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Nothing remarkable happens in the life of Spike (portraying the role of Naota). He's your basic preteen with a crush on his older sister Octavia's (Tasuku) old filly friend Scratch (Mamimi). But when Rainbow Dash (Haruko) appears out of nowhere on a vespa and clubs him over the head with her bass guitar, strange things begin happening. As Spike goes through the problems of growing up as well as having robots and monsters jump out of his head, he has to discover where his real feelings lie.

The story told here revolves around two of the greatest series ever made, and I hope I can appeal to both fanbases. It's going to be basically FLCL just ponyfied though, so this is my spoiler alert, if you haven't yet seen the series, look it up on youtube/netflix/ wherever you can. It's only six episodes but tons of fun.

I wasn't able to find the creator who did the picture but I assure you it's not my work. If you happen to have made the picture please let me know and I'll give you credit, and if you don't want it posted, just tell me and I'll take it down and replace it. Thanks!

I hope you guys have fun with this one. But REALLY don't expect me to update it very often. It takes a while to translate the episodes into pony form.

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