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This group is for anyone who likes Metal or any of it's sub-genres. All are welcome, and there is only one rule: No personal attacks or harassment. Other than that, have fun! Feel free to post videos, news articles, or anything related to your favorite metal groups.

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Dio - Caught In The Middle

Feelin' like spinnin' this record nonstop for the next ten-or-so years! All hail Dio! <3

10 Greatest Metal Bands of All Time

Getting Into Industrial?

Death - The Sound of Perseverance

1. Scavenger of Human Sorrow
2. Bite the Pain
3. Spirit Crusher
4. Story to Tell
5. Flesh and the Power It Holds
6. Voice of the Soul
7. To Forgive Is to Suffer
8. A Moment of Clarity
9. Painkiller (Judas Priest Cover)

Personally, I don't like them... I'm a Sabaton, Gloryhammer, and Powerwolf fan.

Metalheads, I'm looking for help!

A few months ago, I launched a Facebook page for myself, and I do a #SongoftheDay post every day with a different song from different bands from all forms of rock and metal. I'm looking to do a special week for the heavy metal bronies across the fandom, songs chosen by you to share and celebrate with one-another. Meshuggah, Metallica, Slipknot, Stallion Slaughter, L-Train, Lamb of God, whatever you want to vote on! If you got a suggestion you want to share, hit me up and message me your ideas!

Hey there metal bronies i just want to let everyone know that i made an equestria girls metal band on spotify called the Demented 9 i would recommend starting with The Pink Massacre

Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitarist: me, Lead Guitarist: Fractured loyalty, Bass Guitarist: [Cr]applejack, Drums: Pinkamena [party of one], Custom Percussion/Baking vocals: Psycho Twilight/Flutterbitch, Turntables: Sadistic Rarity, Samples: Wooden Toaster/H8seed, lead Vocals [on slipknot korn & sepultura songs] Pinkamena [Cupcakes] < My Spotify

I have found my people.

400656 Can't stop the Painkiller! Rob Halford is definitely one of the best metal vocalists of all time.

A good combination of African music with metal. This here is like an African version of Iron Maiden, don't you think? Ladies and gents, Skinflint from Botswana! :yay:

Tell me, what do you all think of these guys?

400656 The screams in that song are true Heavy Metal shrieks.

398203 Black Sabath rules.
The only real alternative singer they had is dead, so there is no dispute.
381669 Interesting setup, right there. with some less then common instruments for metal.
367426 Sorry to say, but this clip seems to be unavailable.

I have the same avatar as the group icon XD what a coincidence!

There's also this masterpiece of epic:

400258 They're my third favorite band behind Iron Maiden (second) and Black Sabbath (favorite). I had the chance to see them last Wednesday on the 15th. Dad forgot to get us tickets...

Comment posted by A Dark Reminder deleted Jul 13th, 2015

Why? Because Judas Priest.

378728 It's your opinion. You can like Slipknot. However, I never did. My Metal timeline is at the classics.

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