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Hello my fellow brony metalheads!

This group is for those that love all things Heavy Metal and Hard Rock or for those that are interested in the genres.

The Metalhead Code:

1. Be respectful towards other peoples opinions when it comes to music, most of us here may believe that Heavy Metal/Hard Rock is the best genre(s) ever (including me), but not everyone shares this opinion.

2. Eat, breath, sleep, and bathe in metal.

3. If you don't like it, don't listen to it.

4. This group will not tolerate that "sellout" bullshit everyone keeps whining about. It's the band's choice to go into that certain direction and we should all respect that.

5. Kick back, relax, AND BANG YOUR HEADS!

I'll be adding more rules overtime. I know some rules are a bit harsh, but it's the truth

Metal Anthem of the week:

This song is dedicated to the passengers of the Challenger disaster that took place on January 28, 1986. May they rest in peace.

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Comment posted by GothiKu deleted Sep 13th, 2018
Comment posted by GothiKu deleted Sep 13th, 2018

New Trivium songs? Any opinions?

Hey there brony metalheads i just want to let everyone know that i made an equestria girls metal band on spotify called the Demented 9 i would recommend starting with The Pink Massacre

Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitarist: me, Lead Guitarist: Fractured loyalty, Bass Guitarist: [Cr]applejack, Drums: Pinkamena [party of one], Custom Percussion/Baking vocals: Psycho Twilight/Flutterbitch, Turntables: Sadistic Rarity, Samples: Wooden Toaster/H8seed, lead Vocals [on slipknot korn & sepultura songs] Pinkamena [Cupcakes] < My spotify

Metal isnt all about epicness, ya goofs :derpytongue2:
It's also about believing in what you think is true to what you stand for and saying "Fuck off and die" to those who don't like the real you. (and also epicness)

367885 I disagree, good sir.

That's more like it.

Heh i can tell all ready i'm gonna like this group...
Oh wow iced earth! My god father is Stu Block

Hiya, I am new here. Just stumbled upon the group.

The official clip is down, sadly. I noticed it as I tried to listen to it.
366809 That looks like an item we should all wear any time we are on a concert.
Kind of like the belt weight lifters wear, but for when you are head banging. Ingenious if only it was in common use.
367885 Several of your clips are no longer available.
350468 These are some excellent groups, certainly. Even if I may disagree on a few there.
The beenie babie is tight?

Exactly, Luna rules the night. Can be no disputing that.

why no stories in this group?

This an epic cover.

I submit this as our heavy metal anthem

Hey guys, I've got a Tumblr page dedicated to the glories of heavy metal. If you like heavy metal and want to request a song to be placed on the blog, click this

Introducing the weirdest and most awesome thing in metal:

Simulated reaction when listening:

Enjoy the most epic way to do a guitar solo in the world

364839 then enjoy the sounds of Mastodon

364794 would you rather have me pick a song by Cannibal Corpse and have a page of lyrics to accompany it?

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