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Metal music, guitars, and model electric trains.

Top Ten Best MLP Characters!

1.) Twilight Sparkle

2.) Rarity

3.) Rainbow Dash

4.) Applejack

5.) Starlight Glimmer

6.) Sunset Shimmer

7.) Daring Do.

8.) Spitfire

9.) Trixie Lunamoon

10.) Octavia Melody

Stories In Progress!

Latest Update: 12-13-17

"Unstoppable" - 100% Complete (Twilight Sparkle, Runaway train story.)


My Dream Guitar!

The Chapman Ghost Fret.

Latest Stories


Cock o' the North

Cannibal Corpse



I’m Back...Kinda. · 5:17am Sep 6th, 2019

Hey everybody, I wanna stop by and say thanks for your support after my dog passed away. It’s been a hard month, but I’m getting through it. I have been doing okay recently before he died, and I was gonna post a blog about it sometime until he went. Losing a best friend like that really does hurt, and it’s hard to explain how that psi really feels when you lose something you truly love to your heart.

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Some of My Favorite Songs/Artists


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Love your stories man, they all have the ability to really capture the reader. Well done!

I just read some stories, as well as watching movies. That’s how I got inspired. Nowadays, I try to feel inspired, but I feel like I’m not anymore. I guess it has something to do with me not reading as much stories as I use to, which I need to get back to doing. I haven’t uploaded a story since November, and I’m working on a couple of Rainbow Dash stories. But on one of them I do not feel inspired, even though I know I have a feeling it’ll work. The other is just a crossover from one of my most favorite movies.

So...that’s pretty much how I was inspired. Lol.

What's your insperation for doing this work

  • Viewing 226 - 230 of 230
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