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Metal music, guitars, and model electric trains.

Top Ten Best MLP Characters!

1.) Twilight Sparkle

2.) Rarity

3.) Rainbow Dash

4.) Applejack

5.) Starlight Glimmer

6.) Sunset Shimmer

7.) Daring Do.

8.) Spitfire

9.) Trixie Lunamoon

10.) Octavia Melody

Stories In Progress!

Latest Update: 12-13-17

"Unstoppable" - 100% Complete (Twilight Sparkle, Runaway train story.)


My Dream Guitar!

The Chapman Ghost Fret.

Latest Stories


Cock o' the North

Cannibal Corpse



Happy New Year! · 5:16am Dec 31st, 2018

Hey guys, it's been a while since my last blog. Now, since where I live is New Years eve, I came to wish everyone a very happy new year. I hope everyone got what you wanted for Christmas. So, can I still say merry late Christmas? LOL. xD

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Some of My Favorite Songs/Artists


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Yeah, I heard. Is he back to making videos?

And Mountain Dew is the best drink in the whole world.

you know literally the only youtuber who read your secret crush written by you

so did you hear about what happen to sky pegasus

always good to hear from the fanfic writer who got me into fanfics in the first place so now I have more options to relax with a thing of mountain dew and kick back thanks

Yup, I am, and my day has been good. Thx 4 asking. :)

  • Viewing 206 - 210 of 210
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