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Metal music, guitars, and model electric trains. Rainbow Dash is best pony!

Top Ten Best MLP Characters!

1.) Twilight Sparkle

2.) Rarity

3.) Rainbow Dash

4.) Applejack

5.) Starlight Glimmer

6.) Sunset Shimmer

7.) Daring Do.

8.) Spitfire

9.) Trixie Lunamoon

10.) Octavia Melody

Stories In Progress!

Latest Update: 12-13-17

"Unstoppable" - 100% Complete (Twilight Sparkle, Runaway train story.)


My Dream Guitar!

The Chapman Ghost Fret.

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Cock o' the North

Cannibal Corpse



When You Expect the Littlest of Things · 6:33am February 24th

Hi all. This is something that I wasn’t expecting, at all. Thank you guys for liking my latest story “Twilight Wants a Cookie”. I sorta wrote that story as a joke for no reason. It literally just came to my head out of nowhere.

I was gonna title it “Twilight Demands Cereal” but that title was already taken-ish by another FiMfic writer. I dunno if he’s still on the site, but still. But I can’t remember seeing any story having a similar title that I gave mine. So…why not? 😂

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Some of My Favorite Songs/Artists


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