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Need or want to talk to me? I'm always available on Kik or Hangouts! [Kik- _username_unknown_] [Hangouts- J3SUZ ROJAZ] Like I said, always available. (Note: My Hangouts is obviously my Google+ page.)

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Okay, I have to admit one weakness... I've never tried to do write or upload a story on any kind of mobile device, so I can't really answer your question. Congratulations, you broke the birdie!:twilightblush:

My best suggestion would be to ask one of the moderators. You can contact them by scrolling all of the way down to the bottom of the page. There you will see a link that says "Staff." If you click that, then any of those folks (but especially the moderators) can probably answer your question. Sorry that I couldn't be a bigger help!:twilightblush:


Sorry for responding extremely late, but I'm in need of assistance now.

Is it possible to compose a whole story on an android device? Because that's the only way I'm actually able to sign in on here and type this to you.

But if you do know how to, that would be great!

Like I said though, sorry for responding very, very late.


A white person who can understand Spanish, have a Mexican name, but yet, cannot speak Spanish... I know, what a life I have.

1654919 That's something...


Sadly, no...

I don't really SPEAK Spanish, but I do understand it! :)

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