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Im probably drunk


What's the plan · 5:10am Mar 22nd, 2019

What exactly is the plan for this site after the show ends. I have grown to be very attached to this website despite not ever watching the show, I loved what people did with the character templates given and the world around them. I understand that the content of this site is based on the users imagination more than the show but I know it still had a heavy influence on their inspiration.

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1930172 take your time, I'd rather have a good story later than a crappy story that I've waited months for now.

My answer to your comment on Royal Affection is a personal one so I decided to post it here on your page instead.

This new Octavia story I have planned is sort of a heartwarming moment, I guess? It just doesn't have the name.

The Octavia story will have it's own name and will contain about 1 or 2 chapters. I have it all planned out already, it just depends on how much detail I want to give it.

But tell you what, Mystogan ( I don't want to call you Satan :P) If you really want this story to be an original hwm with Octavia, I'll make it instead of what I have planned now. Just tell me, I've promised you this story months ago so you can decide, I think that's fair.


Well man I got three things to say. One I got the job. Two your boss freaks me out and three where is Greenland?

1926123 nevermind her, she can be a pain

Alright thanks for the tip man. I'll tell you how things went tomorrow.

Oh just before I forget. Who's the crazy chick outside?

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