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Welcome to Spilight, a group aiming to feature all of your precious Spike/Twilight Sparkle shipping fictions. Please take note of our group folders, and be sure to submit your pieces to them accordingly and precisely.

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I have a fanfic spilight

ur welcome u just have to search for it that what i did

Thanks for letting me know:pinkiehappy:

hi and spikes tempoary stay in still on fimfiction it got cancelled

will have spike x twilight in this generation

Gr8 ship

. . . .I always liked this pairing. Don't tell anyone.

399692 thank you soooooooooo much:twilightsmile:

I know right?I found that it isn't on fimfiction anymore ,but there's on fanfiction :applejackunsure: :https://m.fanfiction.net/s/9534030/1/Spike-s-Temporary-Stay


i'm looking for a story i staring reading about 1-2 years ago but now i cant find it anymore.:fluttershyouch:

it was about spike leaving to be on his one but he comes back to ponyville but in disguise (inverted colors) with a fake name cole someone please help me:fluttercry:

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


Very nice to see a group for Spilight! :pinkiehappy:


This is literally my favorite ship of all time so I would like to personally thank every last writer who has ever posted a story to this group and hope to enjoy many more of your wonderful tales!

Might I request an explanation?
You see, while I am happy at the free publicity of groups, my fan fiction is NOT a shipping fic. I do not, in any way, ship Twilight and Spike. I am just wondering if, as my fan fiction was put into your 'main' folder, this group is ALSO a 'platonic, non-shipping story' group. Because, if it is, then I am perfectly okay with my story being here. However, seeing as I desire NO shipping between the two characters based on my story, and if this IS a solely shipping group, I must request that you take my fic out of this group.
Many thanks, ArreisofAvalon.

mmm..maybe i do a fic , but i'm not sure ,'couse i'm italian and i can't see if i write well or not and i'm a bit shy ....

Oh dear... I accidentaly posted my story into this group by accident... Help?! :raritycry::twilightoops:

TWI AND SPIKE ALL THE WAY:twilightblush::moustache:

ALL MY LOVE ABOUT THIS COUPLE :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: :twilightsmile::heart::moustache:

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