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Welcome to Spilight, a group aiming to feature all of your precious Spike/Twilight Sparkle shipping fictions. Please take note of our group folders, and be sure to submit your pieces to them accordingly and precisely.

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Gr8 ship

. . . .I always liked this pairing. Don't tell anyone.

399692 thank you soooooooooo much:twilightsmile:

I know right?I found that it isn't on fimfiction anymore ,but there's on fanfiction :applejackunsure: :https://m.fanfiction.net/s/9534030/1/Spike-s-Temporary-Stay


i'm looking for a story i staring reading about 1-2 years ago but now i cant find it anymore.:fluttershyouch:

it was about spike leaving to be on his one but he comes back to ponyville but in disguise (inverted colors) with a fake name cole someone please help me:fluttercry:

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


378018 I basically have the same thing going on here. My story is suppose to have Spike thinking Twilight as his Mother, not his Filly-Friend. Yes, it ended with a cuddle. But that's all it was; cuddles. Not sex. But like what this guy here says; if this is SpikexTwilight romance only, then I'm afraid my Fic' just isn't worthy to be here. Still, I joined your club because why not? I just happened to like ships to, as long as it's not clop.

All My Best,
- Leonardo Oliver Osborn

Very nice to see a group for Spilight! :pinkiehappy:


This is literally my favorite ship of all time so I would like to personally thank every last writer who has ever posted a story to this group and hope to enjoy many more of your wonderful tales!

Might I request an explanation?
You see, while I am happy at the free publicity of groups, my fan fiction is NOT a shipping fic. I do not, in any way, ship Twilight and Spike. I am just wondering if, as my fan fiction was put into your 'main' folder, this group is ALSO a 'platonic, non-shipping story' group. Because, if it is, then I am perfectly okay with my story being here. However, seeing as I desire NO shipping between the two characters based on my story, and if this IS a solely shipping group, I must request that you take my fic out of this group.
Many thanks, ArreisofAvalon.

mmm..maybe i do a fic , but i'm not sure ,'couse i'm italian and i can't see if i write well or not and i'm a bit shy ....

Oh dear... I accidentaly posted my story into this group by accident... Help?! :raritycry::twilightoops:

TWI AND SPIKE ALL THE WAY:twilightblush::moustache:

ALL MY LOVE ABOUT THIS COUPLE :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: :twilightsmile::heart::moustache:

I might make a story don't know yet

Green Light DragonFire
A Timeless Travel, hun? Let's see about that.
So we have Spike starring his own show, this just smells awesome.

Just letting people know, there is also another group for Spilight called Spilight Library that houses all Spilight stories that are and aren't included in this group and this includes romantic ones.:moustache::heart::twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 138 - 157 of 157
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