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Rainbow Dash's friend/band mate, Sunset Shimmer, takes Rainbow Dash to the music store to buy herself a wah pedal that Sunset Shimmer's been bragging to her about. However, Rainbow Dash thinks it won't sound as good as any other pedal she has on her pedal board for her guitar.

(For my 500 follower special. Hope it goes well.)

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The wah is a great effect pedal, and in my opinion helped define a number of band's sounds. I don't use it much myself as opposed to a slapback reverb, but it's a stylistic choice. I was heavily influenced by Lindsey Buckingham and Tom Scholz more than anyone.

Enough about music, time for my opinion on the words!

Loved it. It was short and sweet and gave depth to Dash still growing as a guitarist. Have a Like and an Upvote!

Title is "She buys one"
Description is "Will she buy one"

Disappointment intensifies regardless of outcome.

I'm not sure about Rainbow going for the wah; her lead sound has such a mellow neck pickup tone to it that I think she wouldn't notice the wah effect much unless she dialed it in so much that the toe position would make her tone overly harsh. Also, she plays so cleanly to begin with, so the wah isn't exactly necessary to hide the notes (I'm looking at you, Kirk Hammett and Zakk Wylde), and she loves her big reverbs, so I mostly think it'd get in the way.

Do we ever hear much lead playing from Sunset? I remember the chords she busts out when she picks up the flying-V at the end of Rainbow Rocks, but I can't remember if we hear any lead from her in Friendship Games or Legend of Everfree. But might she be a better fit for it?

Damn right about the CryBaby being the pedal of choice though. I'd have gone for the rack version, myself.

this is great work BH it really it really shows that even with your ficus on sfw titles youre still a very cteative and talanted writer keep it up as much as possible :raritywink:

I bought a CryBaby Wah pedal today :pinkiehappy:

Sorry I’m late on replying. But it’s a lovely effect isn’t it? :twilightsmile:

I own two wah pedals. I have the original, and a John Petrucci signature wah pedal. My most favorite. Now that one...defiantly takes me breath away. It sounds absolutely flawless. Whenever you can, and if you can afford it. You need to get a John Petrucci wah pedal. It is worth...every. Single. Penny.

9267483 It sounds fantastic! And it covers such a wide variety of sounds and genres - when I got it, I spent the evening playing 70s cop show music on my strat, but I used it on stage a couple of months ago with a B. C. Rich to sound like Drowning Pool.

I bought it 2nd hand, and it's not in great shape, kind of falling apart and missing the battery compartment cover. I mostly use a MIDI rig, so the pedal is a bit of a stopgap until I can afford one of these. I'm wondering how easy it would be to make the cry baby MIDI-controllable myself, though, as that'd be much cheaper.

What distortion pedal do you think she uses?

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