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Metal music, guitars, and model electric trains. Rainbow Dash is best pony!


After making a friend who is from another universe. You, and Rainbow Dash, chase deadly tornadoes along central Oklahoma. With the help of Rainbow Dash looking out for where they may strike thanks to your help teaching her. You and her may be in one of the best seasons of your life.

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Love it! I'm not just a car-loving brony, I'm also into tornados so this struck my fancy. Liked and faved.

Its Fujita not Fajita scale.

you still got it brother remember not to rush yourself and enjoy your work

Glad to see you're back in the saddle BH ^^

Nice comeback story! This was a very enjoyable read. I admire your dedication on doing a lot of research on the topic beforehand, Oklahoma was a cool setting as well. Keep it up dude!

Good to see you writing again, my friend. And what a way to come back than to write about one of your favorite topics. Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

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