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This story is a sequel to Rustic Snuggles

Heading home to Ponyville Castle after a long day of snuggling Applejack at her farm, you are accosted by an adorable little pegasus mare who demands snuggles. When her sister comes home, you find yourself having to snuggle with her, too...
The seventh story in the 'Snuggles' series (it is not necessary to read any of the others in order to enjoy this one!). The others are:
Seraphic Snuggles
Scholarly Snuggles
Prismatic Snuggles
Shadowy Snuggles
Sunlit Snuggles
Direct Sequel to: Rustic Snuggles

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 37 )

I couldn't resist this and you damn well know it.

Fluffy ponies are the best.

It's 3 A.M. and I'm sitting here reading about purple Pegasi rather than doing the thousands of other things I should be doing...

Like and Favorite :scootangel:

I had an inkling that you'd enjoy but I didn't expect you to also still be awake at 5am! :D

It's already past 6 a.m. and I'm already hooked in by the adorable sisters of Flitter and Cloudchaser. :rainbowkiss:

I do wonder if Vinyl Scratch and Octavia, Lyra Heartstrings and Bonbon, Derpy Hooves and Sparkler, or Minuette and Moondancer will be next?

Gosh, this is super cute and sweet.

Cannot resist the snuggles! ‘‘Tis futile! :heart:!

Omg my heart.. :twilightsmile:

“No complaints here,” you tell her. “I love being sandwiched by soft little ponies.”

Who doesn't?

I babysit an adorable little colt named Rumble, and he won’t let me cuddle him at all! He says it’s gross. Can you believe it?”

“He’ll grow into it,” you assure her. “Everyone does.”

But then, he'll only want to cuddle with mares and fillies his own age, I'd guess.

Or Lemon Hearts and Twinkleshine, or Aloe and Lotus Blossom, or Limestone and Marble, or Starlight and Trixie, or... or... or...

Of course, unnamed human still has three Mane Six ponies to get around to. I would expect Pinkie to be the most amenable to it, with Fluttershy and Rarity... depends, I guess.

Ooh! Pinkie and Maud at the same time could be interesting!

There are so many to choose from, I don't know which one'll be next added in the cuddle list! :pinkiehappy:

Possibly a story special with more than two ponies. :yay:


Possibly a story special with more than two ponies.

*snuggles everyone in town at once*

Categorical Grant: Hey guys, who should my next snuggle story focus on?
Person 1: Rarity!
Person 2: Derpy!
Person 3: Fluttershy!
Categorical Grant: PSYCH! I'm doing two obscure pegasi you've probably never even heard of! :pinkiecrazy: Bwahahahahaha!

:pinkiesmile: All joking aside, this was really adorable. Thanks for brightening up my day, Mr. Grant.

This was an already partially-completed story that I decided to finish. I promise the vote story is coming!


I bet his hugging superpowers could get Maud to smile, although Pinkie would be grinning enough for two. Kinda wondering how Rarity would take it, and if Spike would be peeking through a window, giving Mr.Human the ol' stink eye as he puts his hands all over Rarity. Fluttershy might be the hardest to hug seeing as how flighty she is (I wonder if she really squeaks when squeezed/hugged?).

And wherever Fluttershy is, Discord isn't far behind. Oh, that'll be an awkward hug. :rainbowlaugh:


Do Moondancer next! I'm a sucker for woobie, and when she vented about Twilight and broke into tears, I really wanted to hug. Almost as much as when Luna sadly walking away from the Nightmare Night party after failing to win the ponies affection.


We need woona and flutters next

Great read! Love these two sisters lol :twilightsmile:

Help, I'm addicted to cuddle fics! Sequel when?!

Sequel pretty soon indeed- it’s already in the works :D

I thought Fluttershy was supposed to be next.

when is the next chapter coming out?

Next one shot will probably be Flutters, but I'm not sure! We'll see what I decide to write next!

Awww, poor Cloudchaser. That's a good thing he was around to provide the snuggles.

Flitter rolled her eyes and collapsed back against you. “Oh great. Thunerlane must have ‘broken up with her’…again,” she groaned, accentuating her distaste with hoof quotes.

Is thunderlane and cloudchaser a cannon couple?

God Dammit, that was adorable.


Sequel pretty soon indeed- it’s already in the works :D

> May 18th, 2018


Also, Shadowy Snuggles are locked away... and have been that way for a while, I assume? Since there's clearly nothing much happening with it, would you consider leaving it unlocked? It's kind of jarring to come to a login prompt all of a sudden.

Snuggle series is still on the backburner! The, uh, way back burner...

I’m planning to eventually edit and repost Shadowy Snuggles. I don’t like how it is in its current form...if you want a private view PM me


Snuggle series is still on the backburner! The, uh, way back burner...

Awww... Well, I can understand, I suppose. Still, this series is awesome. In fact, I think you could actually pull it all into a coherent narrative, that ends with a pretty packed pony pile... and just keeps on going after that. ;]

I’m planning to eventually edit and repost Shadowy Snuggles.

For the record, it's up on Fimfetch. I know one can get to it if they really want to... I was more asking if you could actually unlock it. It'll clearly still take some time before you're happy with it, and it's confusing as-is.

Of course, it's entirely your call, so that's the last on it from me. :-)


Moondancer always needs love. Do her next.
Or Luna sharing with her batguards.
Or Zecora.

I love the personalities and sister dynamics in this one. And the snuggles, too.

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