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This story is a sequel to The Storm.

After the tornado strikes the movie theater. A bigger, and meaner monster tornado strikes Trixie’s house. Lyra and Bon Bon decided to act once they heard the news to help Trixie’s in need after what appears to be the biggest tornado she has ever seen once this outbreak is just over.

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After making a friend who is from another universe. You, and Rainbow Dash, chase deadly tornadoes along central Oklahoma. With the help of Rainbow Dash looking out for where they may strike thanks to your help teaching her. You and her may be in one of the best seasons of your life.

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Lyra and Bon Bon survive two horrifying nights of a terrifying supercell above their heads from a deadly tornado outbreak that has been going on in Equestria for days. After striking the house and a really big one striking the movie theater. The two can only hope for the best while these monster tornadoes rip apart everything in their path during this outbreak.

Inspired by two 1996 films.

A direct to TV film “Night of the Twisters”, and the blockbuster film “Twister”.

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Rainbow Dash's friend/band mate, Sunset Shimmer, takes Rainbow Dash to the music store to buy herself a wah pedal that Sunset Shimmer's been bragging to her about. However, Rainbow Dash thinks it won't sound as good as any other pedal she has on her pedal board for her guitar.

(For my 500 follower special. Hope it goes well.)

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Six months after Twilight got her cutie mark. She finally gets into Celestia's magic school. However, there is something she now discovers as she gets sucked into a pair of buffers at the end of the train tracks where trains roam. What she doesn't think... is that Equestria may not be the same as before.

Thanks to grey mane for proofreading this story. (Chapters 1-5)

Thanks to arcanelexicon for the artwork.

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You (a human) has been in Equesria, living on Sweet Apple Acres for six months now. And you're starting to have feelings for Applejack. Before you came to Equestria, Heavy Metal music has been your destany and you passion, and also playing guitar. And all you want to do is impress her, hold her, kiss her. But will she accept your request? Will she reject you? There is only one way to find out, and that's all water under the bridge.

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