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Lyra and Bon Bon survive two horrifying nights of a terrifying supercell above their heads from a deadly tornado outbreak that has been going on in Equestria for days. After striking the house and a really big one striking the movie theater. The two can only hope for the best while these monster tornadoes rip apart everything in their path during this outbreak.

Inspired by two 1996 films.

A direct to TV film “Night of the Twisters”, and the blockbuster film “Twister”.

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I sorta blindly read trough the description so I expected this to be a cuddle fic but it turn out way different and omg this is written good I was on the edge of my sit reading this story I still have 1 more chapter to read so see you then

This story was amazing just the quality if the writing I’m speechless I don’t know what ,ore to ad and one funny thing is that I know this is eg but the names Lyra and bonbon my brain automatically converts them in to pony’s I don’t know why but I can’t imagine Lyra and bonbon as humans

It’s alright, I guess it’s a habit? Lol. I can defiantly understand that. Thank you so much, I had no idea whether this will turn out to be good or not. I’m really happy someone enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

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