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Six months after Twilight got her cutie mark. She finally gets into Celestia's magic school. However, there is something she now discovers as she gets sucked into a pair of buffers at the end of the train tracks where trains roam. What she doesn't think... is that Equestria may not be the same as before.

Thanks to grey mane for proofreading this story. (Chapters 1-5)

Thanks to arcanelexicon for the artwork.

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There should probably be a Crossover tag added to this fic. As it stands, it's not bad, but the ending of the third chapter is probably where the story should begin.

I loved Thomas and the Magic Railroad when I was a kid. I recognized that part with the coal truck the second I saw it! This story should be fun and nostalgic!


Ikr? I have the movie on DVD. I watch it a lot, and I just had to put that part in there.

7382242 You know, there are groups on this site that are suitable for this story. Island of Sodor Residents, Thomas the Tank Engine, to name a few.

Reminds me of the "Ponies watch and react" videos on YouTube

I have Thomas and The Magic Railroad on VHS. I think I'm going to do a crossover with it sometime in the future but have comedy in it like Diesel 10 making a complete idiot of himself. That movie had me laughing at the scene he got covered in coal! I remember the he said. "Well that's going to ruin my facial issue."

Well the Troublesome Trucks are still up to their old tricks and I guess Thomas is have a normal day when it comes to freight cars.

I love it. do more

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