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Foals Errand

Guess whose back?!


After seeing that something that wasn't quite right on Twilight's birth certificate Pinkie Pie decided to go ask her about it.

After all, it was probably only a simple mistake, right?

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hmm... you changed it. i like it, lol keep it up.

Very, very strong opening. I really look forward to seeing this continue.

Thanks! I wanted to get the lead in just right.

I look forward to writing it!

Love the strong opening. We wish for more to keep the suspense. Hopefully you will indulge in the requests and have our interests satiated. Anyway. Love it so far. Hope you have a great Christmas and you sleep well. This story has a strong influence, what with my upbringing but I love it nonetheless. Have an up-vote! ^_^


Thanks I worked quite a bit to get the opening just right i'm glad you enjoyed it!

*reads chapter*
*emotionally invested meh*
*clicks tracking button*

she a lich
is my guess

I thank you for tracking. I'll do my best to make it worth it.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :pinkiegasp:

Force-grown clone after the original was tragically lost?
Future-doppelganger who disposed of the original to prevent a disaster?
Cursed doll that ate the soul of the original?
Tragic magic-photocopier accident (it happens!)?
Don't be silly, changelings are just a myth!

I'm hooked. :rainbowlaugh:

You make me happy by getting what i mean by *emotionally invested meh*!
Thank you! :heart:

Holy crap, this thing makes my heart beat way faster than it's supposed to. I eagerly await more! How long will this be?

I'm a gonna guess either clones, zombie, vampire, or a vampire zombie clone.


"Vampire zombie clone"

By Luna's lovely mane WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::derpyderp1:

Dang it, now I'm curious!

I'm guessing she died during birth, but ten days later she was magically revived.

You have my interest good sir or madam.

You have my attention.

Not fair know I ha e to know

you have successfully gotten my mind off my other book. you have done the impossible. i need to see what happens.

I wonder if I can see where this story is gonna go if I hang off this cliff...

If you ruin this with shitty storytelling, I'm going to shove it through your heart so the shitty story kills you.

You have my curiosity.

Perhaps this story will earn my attention, too.


Where's this going? :moustache: :trixieshiftright:

For now? A small town called Saddlemoor :trollestia:

I dunno, on one hand, dear heck is pinkie heavy hoofed on the approach. That almost, almost got me to give it a dropped immediately, only the tags kept me to stay.

“Mrs. Cake, Mr. Cake, I’m going over to Twilight’s! I think she’s hiding a super big secret from all of ponykind and it may be what destroys everypony we love!”
“Alright, Pinkie. Just be back by the twin’s bedtime.”

They took that very well... (Like a boss! Technically they are Pinkie's boss.)
I guess they simply got used to it. Probably something like 'Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie'.

I join the betting pool and suspect something Changeling-related.


Gore, Dark, Sci-Fi...

So is she an alien? Perhaps some kind of adaptive life form that absorbs DNA from dead bodies it consumes and this one either accidentally ate Twilight or ate her corpse after she died and absorbed her memories and stuff and now she's some kind of Thing-like monster capable of turning her body into a monstrosity that consumes everything she wants but doesn't because pone?

Or, far more frightening: is she a Space Mormon?

you have me hooked... looking foward to more :D

Hmmmm.....was she cloned cause her original body couldn't handle being an alicorn???
I wonder how close I am:derpytongue2:

7788602 I both adore you and despise you right now. However, a quick press on the tracking tab, and perhaps all that hate will dissipate, and the adoration shall grow.

Huh seven years ago...hmm would that have been during her time as a student at CSFGU....oh boy could she have actually...could the flare have...*shivers with fear*

I guess what happen 7 year ago is when she got her cutie mark but also died but sometime came back to life by some kind of dark magic that the princess use or her family use,
that or twilight is lich or really a demon pony who just love read and made deal with the princess for book in exchange of being the a faitfully student/servent...

anyway good opening it got it hook in me



"Space Mormon"

-runs to get away from that nightmare-

I won't deny my interest is perked, but it feels like this chapter is so short it should have been released with another chapter. But I'm only a casual reader anymore. So it may just be this story isn't quite what I have a taste for these days. Nothing wrong with that though, judging by the amount of others interested and following.

my guess is a bit biased as i was just playing Fallout 4 but



She's the element of magic so the tree brought her back to life so she could use the elements with her friends :unsuresweetie:

7789678 Well, that's just ridiculous.
"Or is it!" I ask in a melodramatic fashion, followed by a loud onomatopoeia (preferably "DUN DUN DUUUUUN").

That odd-looking "8" wouldn't happen to be lying sideways, would it?

I think we all know what reallllllly happened. Twilight wanted to study the Nightmare Moon situation instead of going to Ponyville, so she took a little side-trip first, to the mirror pool. Then the original was captured and podded by changelings, but Luna tracked her down through the dream realm, and led her soul back from her drained and dying body to where Twilight could animate a magical golem, who then went to speak with her pool-clone, who became panic-stricken at the accusation that she wasn't the original, and tried to escape using a time-traveling spell. She ended up in an unstable loop, unfortunately, and has been "jumping" uncontrollably since then, leaving golem-Twilight running the library.

...and that's what happened. :pinkiecrazy:


*Panics* The Institute is among us! Call the Minutemares! Call Applejack's Rangers! Call the Railroad!

...Wait...Your name is a number...

YOU'RE A SYNTH TOO!Ididn'tmeanitIlovetheInstitueIpromisetoalwayssidewiththeminFO4playthroughs...

...Please don't kill me...

7790186 Changeling :ajbemused: tenth hive, twentieth brood, eight hundred fifty third hatch. get you facts straight Pinkie!

So somepony actually wrote down that Twilight is some form of pony monster born twice into her birth certificate....

That's taking pencil-pusher stereotypes to the nth degree! :rainbowlaugh:

But seriously, why would any hint of something clearly meant to be secret be written in a document not sealed in the darkest recesses of that warehouse where they stuck the Ark of the Covenant or something?

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