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Celestia had a vision, of two beings, one of darkness, one of light. They claimed that they would reclaim Equestria and return it to dust. The next day, a small creature appears, frightened, scared, and afraid of her very touch. A child. A child who may herald the end, or save Equestia from its demise.

Isaac has been in the basement as long as he can remember. So many times has he descended through this purgatory of death and murder, god and demons, so many things that hurt, burned and killed.
Then one day it stopped. A secret room that opened the chest he had known so long, and he was free. He could leave the Basement.
He didn't see anything else that followed him out.
He didn't expect the world to have changed so much in his absence.
And he never could've imagined they'd all be ponies.

And ponies never imagined that simple children could ever save them from the forces of evil.

Holy Hell! This got featured! (1/8/16)

A-again? Thank you! (1/22/16)

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Character list will be updated as necessary, those not immediately listed are:
- King Sombra
- Twilight
- Spike

Characters from the Binding of Isaac are under Other, as you'd expect.
Correct me if I get an item's effect or description wrong!
Correct me if I get grammar or spelling incorrect, I'll fix them as I'm aware of them!

Cover art is by me.

Huge thank you to TrueGentleman, who has taken it upon him to aid me in the editing of this story! (Stopped as of 18 onward)

Appreciation for HydraLightning, proofreader from CH3+.

And a special thanks to awesomesauce4 for inspiring me to start on this! Here's their story!
|The Unbinding|

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I will leave a like, just because I liked the darkness that the game had.

6571242 Er, well, thanks for the like.
What made you opt out though?

Here is a comment, a like, aaaand....
A boot to the backside, encouraging you to keep this concept going.
Look forward to when it's complete!


6571361 Aw, thanks!
I mean, not for the butt kicking, that hurts a bit, but thanks for the support!

Interesting, a Binding of Isaac My Little Pony crossover. I'm intrigued.

This fic looks interesting, I'll keep an eye on it.

Finally! Another binding of Isaac fic. Hope you stick with the story. Not like the other B.O.I. Authors. Keep up the good work!

P.s. How frequent are the updates?

6571879 Thanks!
Well, the production rate depends on a few things.
I'm using the writing as a challenge for myself to practice my SAT vocabulary, and my drawing/shading skills. I'm trying to get art for 1/3 of the chapters done, and I've got the next one almost done. I have a few chapters almost ready and more planned, so it's just a matter of not rushing them all out and running dry.
I am going to try and put one out for Afterbirth.

I may suck horribly at the games, but this looks fantastic. Binding of Isaac is one of the best games I like to rage at, and to this very day, I still have not beaten the game. It simply is too hard. Doesn't make it any less enjoyable... and BOI stories are sadly lacking on this site let alone good BOI stories..... I will keep an eye on this and read it when it comes out fully

6571922 Well, okay! Thanks for your kindred words!
And yeah, the game is a bit hard at times. Never give up!

6571879 I almost take offense to that. Except it's completely true. XD

This is amazing. I am definitely looking forward to how this plays out.

6572089 Thanks! Always glad to see comments like that!

But Isaac is a dick

But gonna give it a try

6572840 Hah, never seen that, neat.
Thanks for your interest!




So this is incorporating stuff from rebirth right?
And will you add stuff from afterbirth when it comes out?

Awesome. It's been a while since I even heard of Binding of Isaac. Man, that game was awesome...

6575593 This Rebirth-Based, but whatever comes out of afterbirth will determine the level of integration with it.
6575602 *is awesome. :D

There is another story on this site that has a very similar premise to yours.


6577114 Oh? I'm curious to know what that'd be, care to tell?

Never played the game, only saw a playthrough. There is an item called "pony". Are you going to use it?

6583675 Maybe indirectly. And maybe 'My Little Unicorn' too. :twilightsheepish:





Also, longer chapters please?

6583771 By "use" I meant any plot-relevant mention of said item.

Good chapter, if a little short. I recommend aiming for 1,000 to 1,500 words per chapter if you're aiming for quicker updates or short times to write, etc.

NEW CHAPTER! OH BOY! Good job! Have a good time playing afterbirth!

6584116 Why do you make me think of Hercule?

6583787 6583943
Right, most of the chapters will be a bit longer, I just didn't want unnecessary filler when I thought it was a fine point to continue from. Off the top of my head the next one is at least 1000 words, mostly edited already. Bit more will be added to it.
My meaning was that the effect would probably be used, likely from riding a unicorn/pony. As a sort of mini joke.

Also, afterbirth is hard as hell! I love it!



little horn is cutest boss omg

6584642 That's actually really good. You're discarding unnecessary fluff to keep the story interesting and moving forward.

6584726 Binky, Mate. That was my first afterbirth item, and my god, the feels. ;-;
6584845 Thanks! I was worried I would be doing wrong somehow.


ur doing gr8 m8 i r8 8/8

lack of sense aside, keep up the wonderful work

the part about comparing Canterlot to the Cathedral really hit me good in the feels

EDIT: my lack of sense, that is

6584642 Yes, something like that too.

Dang. Not even time to grab the Torn Photo?

I really love this story, so far. Incredibly well written, and the quality hasn't diminished at all. That's not something you see very often.

Monstro erupted into a pile of flesh and gore, leaving only a simple pedestal with a torn scrap of a photo floating above it.

Torn Photo?


6608104 That's great to hear, I was worried about the battle segment, I've had a history of writing them poorly. :twilightsheepish:
6608167 Torn Photo indeed.


I got the D6, and I was like:

"Everything is different now."

Then I received a carton of milk.


My favorite item is The Relic, I'd love to see it used.

Not immediately, but whenever, really.

OH BOY NEW CHAPTER. Keep it up buddy! Doing a great job. 10/10 would read chapter again W/O pants.

yeeeah, fuck luna, I can tell she is gonna be a very unlikable character given how much of a douche she is here

If Isaac grabbed one of Celestia's feathers, would he be able to Crack The Sky and call down death rays from above?

An excellent observation. Though I severely doubt it...Though with what the author's got planned for Sunbutt, it might come to pass.
(Obscure trolling is obscure :rainbowwild:)

This chapter is crude. It reads like you wrote down the basic idea for what happens in it for further development and uploaded that instead of the real chapter.

SHOW, don't tell. That's a golden rule of storytelling.

6612568 I think I understand what you mean, but I need to be sure.
Am I not writing enough for the events outside of the 'Isaac's thoughts' sections, descriptively? I did spend a good hour trying to find places to add more, particularly concerning the fight against Monstro, as I've never been good at those. But perhaps I spent too much focus there and not on the other parts.
Are you referring to the end portion, between Luna and Celestia? Am I being a poor conveyor of their positions, or should I have gone into more detail, concerning their expressions and emotions? I suppose I should, given their recent struggle, and the ethical conflict...
I really do appreciate the help, I'm always open to constructive criticism.

6612772 Up until Luna throttled Isaac, it's fine. The problem is the section after that, where there isn't a single line of dialogue and everything is just the narrator's word. Extend that section to include the sisters actually having a conversation, without skimping out on details, and it'll already be a HUGE improvement.

6615230 Ah, I see! I myself was uncertain about it, but thought it fitting, given that most takes place from either an outside perspective or a perspective involving Isaac's thoughts. But, looking back at 'Deliverance', I can tell that's not at all what I'd been doing.
Changes will be made once I've had a chance to write them separately and splice them into place. Thanks again! :twilightsmile:

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