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There was once a old story from the Crystal Empire. One myth that was commonly told to scare filly's and colts on the darkest of nights. This story was of a figure who had control of strange abilities that were not related to magic, served as Princess Amore's personal guard and had sworn to protect the empire and all those who called it home as it's guardian. However, one day, this individual snapped, turning into a powerful monster that was known as "The Terror of Death". Many ponies believed that the beast was destroyed by King Sombra long ago, shortly after he replaced Princess Amore, but over the years, many have told this myth in different forms.

However... The thing about myths... is that they are truths to stories and legends that ponykind have long forgotten. Now, the Crystal Empire has been ruled by the twisted lies and half-truths that have deceived it's citizens for years. No one knows the full story... Nopony knows what truly happened... Everypony believes exactly what Sombra said... and the lies that he weaves.

Just when things seem bleak though, one mare runs away. Afraid to accept or defy her destiny and what she must do for the empire. But with her decision to run, she stumbles upon the last thing she ever expected... The Truth... And the guardian that knows it. Now reborn after being frozen away in the tundra of the Empire, the Adept Rogue that Amore had befriended has returned.

And he will make sure that the Crystal Empire is freed from this darkness.

Something that I had been working on for a while. I wanted to be able to celebrate over 300 followers and thank all of the people who have assisted me over the years. Thank you to ShadowsInTheDark, BronyParasite and Solphestus for lending their help with this story and to all of my friends on this site who have supported me and motivated me over the time I have been here.

Now on Popular stories list as of 4/20/16. Thanks a million everypony!

3/31/2017: Featured!? Oh my god, you guys are the best!
5/26/2018: Featured once again!! Thanks a million!
12/29/2018: Featured once more. A late christmas miracle!!
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[Displaced Story]
.Hack// belongs to Namco Bandai and CyberConnect2. MLP belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
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great so far :rainbowkiss:

Let it die wolf.

Let it die.

Nothing says bromance like geeking out together.

This takes place in the comics timeline, right?

7138367 After season 3 opener, but different. Consider it an alternate timeline

Ya know, this is suspiciously similar to a story I had in the works about a year ago.

Right down to the name and the Displaced. Granted, I chose to change it from a Displaced, but still.

7138602 :rainbowderp: Really? That's surprising...

I know ive heard that name before but where?

7138617 I was planning on parodying the Displaced genre with a story titled Terror of Death, with the "protagonist" turning into Skeith from the original .Hack//.

I decided to change it because it would have been incredibly stupid for a story (in my personal opinion. The OC was going to be edgy and just hate the world, and the ponies were simply going to be an outlet for his anger, resulting in the justified imprisonment of the OC), and haven't worked on it since.

huh that's going to cause a rift between the family.

7138630 xD. I just thought Haseo would be a good fit for this. Plus, some of the moments in season 3 look like good moments for plot development

7138618 .hack//roots anime, Haseo is the protagonist. They played the whole series on toonami for a few years

Are the ponies anthro or not? You haven't really given a clear description of them, espite the anthro tag.

7138981 Ah ok, is the tag there by accident?

It was also a great video game series on the ps2

That ending! :rainbowlaugh:
And I look forward to the next chapter!

I can't say that I'll continue reading.

I'll upvote for the idea, but it feels like the chapters are too barebone for me to enjoy the story, at all.

The dialogue feels kind of cheesy at times, and I feel like you rush through scenes too quickly for my taste. NOt all the time, but it happens enough that I can't really stay invested in the build up at all.

Like your scene with Radiant first meeting Haseo felt good, but the ones following it about Sombra in his memories felt weirdly timed. The whole of this chapter felt like not enough time was spent between HAseo and Sombra. The fight lasted barely any time to really be considered, "a fight".

Not my cup of tea, but keep doing what you're doing.

Is it just me or was there a Fullmetal Alchemist reference in this chapter?:applejackconfused:

7142228 Father Cornello exposed?

7142611 first one to actually notice that. :rainbowlaugh:


Was looking for a pile of dirt and found this :moustache:
Loving it so far

Much joy has been had my friend.

7201750 Wait til more comes later

.....I just started playing GU again and then this........
I look forward to more and maybe a keynote specifically A in C major actually wait

here we go

Whahahahahahahaaaa! That changeling was hilarious!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

7221463 Thank you! It's an art that's been passed down the Hoofstrong line for GENERATIONS!!!

Most stories tend to fall flat when they add more humans...Hope you don't make the same mistakes that lead to failure.

7482545 Thanks for the encouragement

Definitely liking the story so far, can't wait till you can put the next chapter up :yay:

Awesome chapter, i really didnt expect Twi to get any avatar much less Gorre. Please more!

5his was a great chapter! Can't wait to find out who has the rest of the avatars.

I don't know...I don't particularly like the new human characters. Kite guy comes across as a sociopath jerk...that just happen to follow a somewhat lighter moral alignment.

7623935 both Kite and BlackRose were previously in the War of Shadows. So it's a transition from a war setting to a peaceful one since some previous events have always taught Kite to watch his back

7624144 There is a thing called military discipline...
That and he was addressed in a manner similar to a "Sarge" during military training that brought about a somewhat militaristic atmosphere. PTSD also doesn't excuse that because there are quite a few veterans with PTSD returning to military service for not being able to cope with civilian atmosphere...So the reason that ya just gave me failed.

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