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When most ponies think about the Canterlot Wedding, they think of a few main things. The imposter bait and switch, the invasion that followed and how, against all odds, the love between the Bride and Groom was able to push back the invaders that stormed through the city.

Ironically, most of those things just so happened to be included with the event package Princess Cadance picked. And the queen herself? Well, when she says that she planned this, she meant it in more ways than one.

A funny one shot that came into my head after seeing this piece by Icey_Starr.

Also, it's been ten years since Canterlot wedding? Man time flies by fast.
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This was pretty funny!

After seeing that image, I knew it was only a matter of time before someone made a story about it.

Decently humourous, though I’ll admit, I’m not really a fan of nation rulers pulling stuff this petty and ridiculous behind everyone’s back, especially when it has the capability to ruin some creatures’ lives in the process.

I'm writing a chapter and logged onto this website to procrastinate take a break when this popped up, and I just gotta say that I really enjoyed this comedic oneshot you wrote.

Glad to hear it. Thanks

That was fun.

As she said that, Celestia just gave her a warm smile. “If it helps any, I happen to know a few places where you can ‘rehearse’ without being seen. There’s even some abandoned tunnels underneath the castle that’s closed off to the public if that works.”

Uh oh, she can't act. Either way fun story haha

Yeah, this isn't going to end well for Cadence in the future. When Twilight finds out, and she will find out, she's going to be royally pissed that Cadence pulled this whole thing without her knowledge. She went through her friends and mentor doubting her, faced a grave danger, and nearly lost at the end. Twilight would be absolutely livid it was all an act and that she wasted her time and effort into "saving" Cadence. Her relationship with Cadence and Celestia would either be broken completely because of trust issues, or extremely strained to the point they would only speak in dire emergencies and have no physical contact with one another.

As for Shining, he'd probably be getting the divorce papers ready for letting his wife allow another lady to mind control him and purposefully nearly destroy Canterlot.

Needless to say, when it's all revealed, Cadence is really up the creek with no paddle. There's no way Twilight won't find out eventually through investigation or a Changeling making a slip of the tongue.

I feel a sequel is needed exploring this.

It might be the painkiller than them on but I am truly loving this story

Also, it's been ten years since Canterlot wedding?


"A Canterlot Wedding" premiered as an hour-long event on The Hub on April 21, 2012

Damn. Celestia knew her guards are awful and can be taken out by some dedicated actors, lol

Holy baby jesus i'm old

I mean... since when has the guard been competent?

Or Celestia had to "fake being such a bad actor" to hide the fact that she was mere acting during the invasion. That works, too.

I like this idea.

Well I'd think the guard would be clued in, as a prank on their C.O. I'd imagine things would go horribly wrong with this set up if competent guards start stabbing actors with spears thinking they were actually under attack

That's such a great idea. And from what we've seen of Cadance, I can see her doing it, too. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh hey, upvote number 100 on me! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks man. I'm glad everypony's liking it ^^

I wonder if there were any other faked events?

Great story, 10/10 from me. :)

One can only wonder, I suppose

“Mi Amor Cadenza,”


“Though, I prefer to go by Cadence.”

Cadance [And everywhere else. The nickname is Cadance with an A. One can consider it stupid but that is the canonical way it's written. Probably due to trademark law.]

Hmm Don't think it would go that way. As Celestia said it IS a training exercise for Twilight.

That doesn’t mean either of them will be okay with it.

The wedding was nothing but a smokescreen Twilight. Even the explosions were planned. They played us like a damn Fiddle!!! :flutterrage:


She went through her friends and mentor doubting her, faced a grave danger, and nearly lost at the end. Twilight would be absolutely livid it was all an act and that she wasted her time and effort into "saving" Cadence.

Sounds a little like you're describing the big Discord reveal in Season 9...

Huh... I didn't even realize that until now

Honestly makes more sense than the cannon. Plus, it is vary funny.

“Nah, if we told Shining, it would just spoil the fun,” Cadance giggled, “Besides, it’s not like he’s going to overreact or anything if he finds out.”

hahaha, whoops

I like this version of events. :raritywink:

Well i think the Changelings are giving pinkie a fight in the party planning

Or trying.

Something tells me that some of the workers didn't get the memo of the guest list

I don't think so. Twilight really didn't learn anything from the original timeline. This comes off more like Celestia purposefully messed with her. That's also not getting into how Shining would probably he equally angry at Celestia as he would be at Cadence for letting someone control his mind. This lesson would blow up in her face.

I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel with the aftermath or even showing all of Chrysalis's other appearances were planned as well

Well, with this line of logic, are all the villains running off a script?

I'm immagining Chrysalis as Edna Mode, "Please darling, I'm a professional."


Chrysti considered all the time and effort that had been put into their dress rehearsal, all the endless hours with Princess Celestia trying to get her to learn her lines... Well, that Kevin put in on tutoring Her Highness, the Princess of Ham Acting. There was only one possible word she could use to describe the fiasco that would unfold in a few hours, and regardless of her Royal Client's Aunt being right there with excited puppy-dog eyes and looking to be patted on the head for the 'good job' she had done in her role, she had to say it.


Celestia blinked several times and beamed. "I was that good?"

"You were..." Changelings who were honest did not last long in this business, and Chrysti forced a small smile, or at least exposed her teeth. "You were exceptional. I don't think I've ever had an actress who turned in a performance quite that remarkable. I think we're going to have to go with Plan B for tomorrow."

"Plan B?" Celestia looked contemplative, which had to be a real expression because she could not act her way out of a wet paper bag. "I don't recall that in the script."

At that point, Kevin gave a short but powerful blow downward with the lead pipe he had been holding, and Celestia collapsed to the cool marble tiles like a sack of spuds.

"Plan Bonk," said Chrysti. "Ok, Kevin. We'll cocoon her up for tomorrow and stuff her behind the stage. You know your lines?"

There was a brief flare of green magic and Kevin posed majestically with his flowing pastel mane flowing behind him. "Piece of cake," she said.

... Okay, I see that as officially Canon now. Congrats

This is Icey! I’m so happy I’ve inspired a story out of something I put out, that’s a first for me. It’s so surreal I love it.

Had a blast reading this ❤️

Oh, fuck YES! That's even better! PERFECT!! :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

I'm glad that you like it as well. Your work is a perfect source of inspiration. :pinkiehappy:


are all the villains running off a script?

Maybe. I remember it being a theory back in season 2 that Discord was just taking orders from Celestia.

After all, if the official story was to be believed, and the royal sisters turned him to stone 1000 years prior and he's after vengeance...why in the world would he upon release leave Canterlot where Celestia is completely alone and go rushing off to rain chaos upon Ponyville, a town that hadn't even existed when he was last active?

Watch those episodes carefully, and you'll notice that there are no cotton candy clouds or floating trees or anything anywhere except in Ponyville, which he says he's going to make "chaos capitol of the world. When they're talking outside the hedge maze, and in the scenes where they have to walk between Canterlot and Ponyville...no chocolate rain, no checkerboard ground, no nothing. The "chaos" is all centered on Twilight. Why?

Because Celestia's student needed to be tested.

If he was really trying to win, why was he so helpful? Why would he have taken her back in time to remind her what she needed to do to beat him? If he'd really been turned to stone by the elements 1000 years prior, then he should know that they work. Why would he patiently sit there and wait and let them work their magic on him again? Why would he hide the elements in Twlight's house...in a book, except that it was the one place he knew she'd definitely eventually look? And notice that while he "discorded" her friends, he left Twlight completely alone. Discord didn't turn Twilight gray, she did that to herself when she lost hope, and if you watch that scene you'll see Discord obviously trying to cheer her up, and when she doesn't respond there's a moment where he breaks character and looks worried, like he went too far.

This makes sooo much more sense than canon, so much more so it’s now been assimilated. Fantastic job!

Oh no. See Shining forgot to tell Twilight he was getting married, but Cadance did. So Twilight was in on it!

This would explain lots of things in canon. Probably seasons 8 and 9 were just one overextended play. LOL.

I liked your story, but if I had to bring up one, overall issue, is that the cover picture was perhaps TOO good. So much, in fact, that it spoiled half the jokes in the story. I get it that it was the inspiration for the story, but maybe the speech bubbles could have been erased? Then the appropriate moments in the narrative would have packed more of a punch. Just a thought. :pinkiesmile:

Honestly, canon or not, Cadence looks so much better written down. Cadance just makes no sense.

That is only a matter of personal preference, NOT an objective fact. I’m partial for the Cadance spelling due to its canonicity. Names are usually non sensical anyway.


That is only a matter of personal preference, NOT an objective fact.

I know, but if you always let canonicity define your tastes, you're gonna have a bad time.

This is actually kinda brilliant.

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