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A skill almost every changeling is familiar with.
A skill that every changeling knew they had to do in order for their plan to succeed, but after it failed, they vowed to never do something that stupid ever again.
That is, until one of them thought that the second time would be the charm.

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Dis gonna be good.

Well... at least the changelings are gonna get some noms off of Heartbutt.

5379643 Assuming they don't kill Twig first...

5379653 What's to stop the noms after the fact? Lemons into lemonade, and all that.:pinkiesmile:

5379664 More Flies with Honey, and all that. If even one of those changelings has any plans for the long term, there's a chance they'll get her out, in some way....(Be it out of the ropes/bag, or out of the hive, I dunno. I don't think in the long term.)

"I ponynapped princess Mia Mora Cadenza...What?"


Looks like somelings have... bugged out. :coolphoto:

*Insert Yeah meme here*

This looks very interesting. Looking forward for more. :rainbowwild:

I thought this was a porn story because I think a friend sent me a picture once that looked like that story cover...except...well, let your imagination fill in the gaps.

I apologize for my incorrect assumption. Merry Christmas to you and all your Followers.

I like where this is going... :ajsmug:


Oh god, Twig. :rainbowlaugh:

This is looking like it is going to be a blast one way or another, and it will be interesting to see how Cadence reacts to these clowns once she stops quivering in terror.

Comment posted by ninjaguy77 deleted Dec 14th, 2014

Cadance decides not to be held hostage this time and activates the alicorn self-destruct mechanism all alicorns have (It's kinda like the Angel S2 organ, and they blow up real big!)


In the short description, you miss-spelled her name. It's Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

Can we have an ETA for chapper 2 plz?

5383505 it's mia amore cadenza and it translates to my love cadence in italian

walking back home, carrying chrysie along for the road, and all the while sulking all the way through.”


Look forward to seing more.

5384708 Check Princess Cadance's wiki page. The official spelling is Princess Mi Amore Cadenza according to the wiki. Maybe it is spelled wrong if you are going for the Italian spelling of the words, which I would not know because I do not speak Italian, but the In-universe spelling is that.

Duuuuude, I can only see this ending badly.:trollestia:

5386123 your right in the mlp universe but im just pointing out something interesting irl

Code Purple? Wonder what that means.

Code purple? Are they all gonna change into Twilight Sparkle?


5398497 I have a pretty good idea...

5398500 Nah, they're all just gonna start gettin' gay with each other. Cadance will be so nauseated by the sight (seriously, bug-pony love is horrifying to behold... they have these things that go... oh god... I SEE IT ALL OVER AGAIN!! Hurk... *BARF*) ...urp.. she'll throw up alot and pass out.


5398500 Course not silly... Pinkie Pie!

Im pretty sure code purple is where everyone turns into a pony... You know, maybe....

Another changeling ran up to them. “Who makes alicorns red and black, that’s kinda unoriginal”

I see what you did there :trollestia:

wanted to write same xd

5398500 yep what nopony know is that she has a secret crush on her and this is one of her fantasies and when she sees herself surrounded by twilight's she'll pass out (possibly with a nosebleed) :trixieshiftright: :trollestia:

“At least you put the green gunk on her horn

Needs end " marks.


A nosebleed with the force to flood Ponyville.

5398658 you say changeling porn is disgusting? Dude, you have not seen disgusting until you have seen "offended".

5402530 You don't understand, man! They have these things that go... places! And do... stuff! It's so WEIRD!!

Like when Napa made Vegeta look at that phone video he took of the bug people doing it!


5410243 by their things that go into in places u mean how their schlongs go into another's changeling vagina/anus?
Seriously if you want to know the worst shock site ever Google offended, it is THE WORST shock site, give u fucking Vietnam flashbacks.

SPEAKING of vegeta and napa piccolo you forgot your daily dose. i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/243/347/90d.gif

5410881 No! You don't understand! Changelings have THINGS that defy definition! They're like those Lovecraftian horrors people are so fond of exaggerating, but worse!

5414029 please give a more explicit description.

5420910 I cannot... there are no words in any language to describe them... and they have no vowels... and all that other cliche crap. :trollestia:

Stop fucking around.

It's like a car accident. You want to look away but you can't.

This is gonnna be fun, I can tell *puts on blast helmet*
Ladies and gentlebugs, it's gonna be a bumpy ride


Oh god, these clowns are ridiculous. No one has any idea what to do or what is going on and it is glorious. :rainbowlaugh:

That said, I did have one little issue with this chapter. You very clearly forgot to mention something last chapter based on this line “But you didn’t say that in the last cha- OW! Do you have to do that!”, but the way you corrected it by leaning on the fourth wall really just hurt the story. It would have worked much better if you had had the character refute it with a simple line like "no you didn't", and you could have then transitioned smoothly into the traditional childish "yes I did"/"no you didn't" routine until someone else yelled at them to shut up which would have fit in wonderfully with the rest of the story and seamlessly turned your mistake into something that looks like an intentional part of the story.

5551077 When it comes to 4th wall breaking I don't want to over exaggerate it.
Breaking it is bad enough, but constantly acknowledging that it's broken doesn't really do it for me.
I'd rather have it be glanced off (or not even noticed.) then get back to the situation.
Just a simple sentence or two.
Kinda like what a favorite show of mine does

But maybe I should just lay off it in this story

Oh boy, he dun goofed.
And this brings to mind a particular piece of artwork I saw on another website. Thankfully, this fic has a comedy tag.

Now I'm scared. I love this story, but I went against one of my rules to read it. I have a bad track record of faving stories that are just starting then never seeing them pop up again. Usually I'd never read something under 50k words unless it was a one shot, but this just seemed so damn good, and it was. Overall this is one of the funniest stories I've read in recent memory and I can't wait to see where it goes. :pinkiehappy:

Omg, this is just glorious


I'm Italian, and I can tell you that Cadence's name doesn't make a lick of goddamn sense. All the individual words are correct (if archaic), but the rest is word salad, almost as if they...ran through an English phrase...through Google translate.


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