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Effigy of Anarchy is now completed. · 6:36am Oct 4th, 2014

Yes yes, thanks to my nameless editor for all his help.

Next up: A comedy starring Vinyl Scratch and a bunch of misfits as they save Ponyville from one of the more minor threats. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why you read it next to someone cutting onions. It's "The B-Squad".

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I think that that is one of the best answers I've gotten when I've asked this question. All digital glory is fleeting and imaginary, and someday this site will die and all of these Faves, Comments, and Watchers will evaporate into the binary ether... but friends, well, that is the whole secret, isn't it? I'm glad that you've found friends here, and I hope they last. I've been a member of various fandoms of the years, and I'm very, very lucky to have made contacts that became friends in real life. I wish you the same blessing, too.

I'm very glad to hear that you haven't had any bad experiences as well, or at least ones that aren't just human nature. I hope that the place continues to be a place that you can enjoy.

I'm glad you responded! I thought your comment section looked a little lonely, so I said "Hi!":twilightsmile:

Hey, an open-ended question! Came out of nowhere, but here's an answer.

The fandom has given me a lot of new friends. All the people I work with on a regular basis I met by virtue of being pony fans, with some exceptions.

I actually don't spend much time on FIMFiction. Most of what I do on this site is look at the front page to see what inventive/bizarre/horrible story ideas people are having. That, and reply to comments.

Best of all, there are no worst parts. Haven't had a bad experience that can be attributed to this fandom specifically and not human nature in general.

So, how have you enjoyed your time in the fandom so far in general, and on FIMFiction specifically? What have been the best parts and the worst parts for you?

I thought I was already following, well fixed that! :twilightsmile:
Your rendition of Cadance in Even Stranger was a lot of fun.

You're part of the solution.
Also, I am currently working on a different story set in the same universe (that is, possessing the same deviations as Shadows Watching), which will be much shorter.

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