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Finding herself not doing so well in school, and put upon by her parents to get a job this coming summer, Miamore Cadenza, or "Cadence" to her friends, finds her life taking peculiar turns as she encounters a force she cannot quite understand.
Something powerful, something ancient, is stirring in Equestria once again, and Cadence finds her destiny inexorably tied to it, as events beyond her control conspire to shape her life in ways she is not prepared for. The first in a three-part epic series from the director of the now-defunct MLP:First Contact game, this story combines low comedy and high adventure in a way that will leave you glued to your screen.

Entries in this series:
Part 1 - Shadows Watching
Part 2 - The Edge of Madness
Part 3 - Forbidden Deeper

17 chapters, average 3400 words per chapter.

Other Notes:
Links to the other parts of the story are highlighted above.
If you want to get in contact with the author, email him! saltyjustice AHT derpymail DAHT com. Spam prevention, that.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 14 )

it's "hors-d'oeuvre" not hor'duerve xD

*rereads this chapter, sees what she's studying and your author's note*

So, is she supposed to be good at math or not:rainbowhuh:? I mean, I learned this stuff in high school, but that's because I'm good at math.

This story's still as wonderful as ever though, a year later!

She's not. I expect integrals were probably part of an advanced calculus course that you could take. I took mine in University, and I hated them.

3806684 His author's note is right. I learned integrals in my fifth year of high school (out of six, in Hk), so this isn't very far out.

Edit: Oh, Justice? Please make spaces between paragraphs. I know you're peobably used to the MLA format, but keep in mind that the MLA format is doublespaced for easier reading.

You're on the internet. You don't need to worry about page lengtht, since paper's not a problem, and you don't have to worry about submitting this to the teacher. Accecibility should probably be your priority when writing a story (well, beyond the story itself).

That said, very nice so far! I have no clue what's going on, mind, but damn if it isn't intriguing.

Reincarnation, huh?
That is... That's actually kind of terrifying.


I loved that. I giggled for a good 2 minutes.

This is far better than the lack of comments and likes would suggest. Has this been reposted or something like that?

Ha! Sword Princess!

No it has not, it's an original work.

6964397 No, that's not what I meant, some authors publish on other sites and bring their back catalog on fimfiction, or a mod throws a red flag on the original version (for reasons that I never quite understand) or what have you. I see you don't have this submitted to any of the Cadance groups, that might get it more views, I only noticed it when I looked over your other stories after I finished reading Even Stranger.

Huh, a princess who's a bodhisattva instead of a deva? Interesting.

Ahhhh this type of feeling is amazing it's a feeling of familiarity these types of storylines are just so ripe with interesting dialogue.

I'm so confused is it like two world's colliding her thoughts and feelings vs reality... Or am I missing something.

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