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A fun, delightful romp in which Twilight learns an important lesson about friendship, harmony, and why cobalt-jacketed atomic weaponry is a bad idea.

(cover fixed, apparently there were some technical difficulties)

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Hello Cephalia? What the heck is that supposed to mean?

And that's where The End of Ponies began!


No, but really. This was a rather amusing story, even for somepony who hasn't even seen Dr. Strangelove. (Your gonna burn me at the stake for that, aren't you?)


The next incarnation of Equestria, I would think. :derpytongue2:

Good comedy. The formula worked.


6365703 oh that's just horrible.

So this definitely feels like its over but its marked as incomplete, is Twilight gonna get some revenge or something?

Twilight is going to begin creating mass production series alicorns.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, but shouldn't it have a dark tag? Maybe?

You know, just because everyone is laughing at a murder scene doesn't actually mean murder is funny. This is actually pretty dark with the only humor coming from shock value. That "OMG, they actually did/said that" feeling. Personally, I like morbid humor, but I couldn't derive any laughs from this. Not even Cephalia did it.

It makes me wonder though if you tried to get a dark tag with this, only for it get rejected by the admins. I'm not sure if it's all, but some of them that approve stories have this weird idea that a story can't have both the dark and comedy tags together, causing them to reject story's if they have both tags. Something about them being them not making sense together. Whatever.

I strongly agree with the commenters saying this should have a Dark tag. 'Cause this shit be hella Dark.

That was bucking great. Buck the haters!!!:moustache:

This just is... dark.

Yes, mastermenthe got it right. Horses are from the family Equidae and genus Equus, which is where we get the term equestrian and, of course, Equestria from. The order, family, subfamily and genus for octopuses are all variations of the word 'octopus', so I went with the class name, Cephalopoda. And thus, came up with Cephalia for the name of the new kingdom.

I have a small epilogue, will probably post it in the next day or two.


I was originally going to give this the dark tag, but I honestly didn't think it was that dark, considering it all takes place in a dream and everything is fine after about a page and a half. I thought about pulling back on the actual sacrifice part a bit, but ultimately decided to keep it. In regards to the admins, I actually had this marked as Everyone and they told me to change it to Teen, but that was about it. I may have a... slightly skewed view on what makes things dark and mature, at least in regards to violence. (Fun fact, I read Cupcakes soon after joining the fandom. I got maybe halfway through it and started laughing, then just skimmed the rest. It's just such a cliche 'Hannibal Lecter'-type scene that I couldn't take it seriously)

In any case, I've added the dark tag to the story. Had I gotten other people's opinions before submitting this, I probably would have tagged it this way to start with.

:| ... Luna is hella scary, yo.

Ok luna i know you like the dark and mysterious vibe you have going on but seriously you are going to give some one a heart attack doing that shit

Is it scary I want Luna to keep torturing Twilight?

6371936 Yes. But I'd probably expect... dunno, anyone else to torture Twilight? Some crappy red and black alicorn OC? You? Queen Chrysalis?
Seriously, Luna must be really fast if she has time to mess with Twilight all night AND do everything else she's supposed do.

6372337 Well she can moderate the dream realm anywhere I think. Hovering over a sleeping a Twilight is a workable spot. Or hovering over a sleeping Celestia for that matter.

“Was... was any of that true? About you and Celestia being born when the universe was created, and hopping from planet to planet as they die, and... and the other thing?”

Look at it this way--if they went through planet to planet so easily, why waste time making you stop your current project? And if they would actually sacrifice you to make a new planet, why tell you about it first?

Your imagination is the biggest threat to you as far as that goes. Although I wonder what Luna will think when Twilight completely withdraws from interacting with other alicorns or goes stark raving mad at what she thought her beloved mentor, her dear friend, and her sister-in-law would eventually do to her.

OK, this got a laugh out of me.

This is marked as complete. That is sad. Just think of all the stories that end with Twilight facing Luna astride her bed, LOOMING

No. Next, She should have the mentality of the Joker! :rainbowlaugh:
Let it burn, let it burn, let the world burn to ashes...

And I trust you will begin dismantling your equipment and lab

Ehh, what lab? Am I missing something?

And that Twilight Sparkle is why you never trust gods. Ones sense of morality is set by ones limits. Once you lose those limits, it's only a matter of time before it ceases to be important.

That is why John Constantine picks the middle road, and refuses to pick either side of the divine spectrum

And don't get me started on f***ing Miracle Man!

(I don't think of Celestia and Luna as full god's anyway, so this versions of Celestia and Luna that are demonstrated in Twilight's dream are basically completely different characters from my point of view.)

Well, that was disturbingly hilarious. And hilariously disturbing. Well done!

6375164 Twilight was experimenting with nuclear weapon technology. The dreams were either meant to scare her out of continuing her experiments or to show her what happens if she destroys the world. Depends which you believe. The lab is where she was doing the experiments

"Princess Celestia, what should I do?"
"Remember to lock your windows. I know your rainbow-hued paramour likes to fly through them, but Luna will as well. And she is such a TWIT around the new moon."

I remember I had to flood my homeland.

we had to sacrifice a race of all females living in the desert.

of course the one male was not very cooperative.

but he changed his mind after I use my master sword to preform a precise labotomy


The title image reminded me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Wz2liKhg6c Offspring's "Slim Pickens..." with Rainbow Dash.

I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Just a note, though, in the short description (the one that shows up on the main page), you have written "Twilgiht".

"Just think Twilight! Being an invertebrate would allow much more mobility."
"Luna please-"
"And once your society has developed nuclear technology again you can conquer the puny land dwellers!"

In all seriousness great story and great addition. *sigh* If only we had a mollusk AU.

It would be more correct to refer to the tentacles as arms. Besides that, I liked it.


Thanks, fixed it (misspelling Twilight's name like that is literally 90% of my typos, so I'm not surprised)

This is absolutely perfect as a closer! Hah!

So thanks for that.

Funny until the sacrifice bit, then just kinda bad. Too much of a tone dissonance between the dark humor and moral myopia before and the "on screen" personal betrayal afterwards.

The picture looks like it's from Dr. Strangelove...

Wait. I didn't read the note...

Twilight looks into radiation warfare
Celestia doesn't care
Luna gives her a seriously dark nightmare that convinces her to burn all her research

Luna is defiantly the most trustworthy out of the three, if a tad scary.

I'm not sure Luna knows either.

Also... yeahhh, kinda creepy in all the right ways. Kudos.

That was a really fun if slightly messed up ride. I'm only dissapointed it took me so long to get around to reading it.

Well done! :twilightsmile:

Luna was cut off by a pillow hitting her in the face, and let out a squawk as she fell off the bed.

Well, that's my day made.

At least Equestria seems to have been a tremendous success, since there are three alicorns left after rejuvenation, not just the usual two. If they're careful and industrious in student-ascensions, they may, in a few ten thousand years or so, have enough to have an end-of-world party when one of them inevitably screws up.

This was fun! I love a good Twilight blows everything up fic.

New headcanon accepted.

Also, +1 billion for alipus.

What... what was...? What did I... you know what, never mind. Let's never speak of this insanity again.

Did Luna played at Splatoon too much or do she simply like octopuses?

The next world should be one with humans :pinkiecrazy:

Okay, that was short but hilariously awesome :rainbowlaugh:

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