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Cave Johnson

One-time shower curtain salesman, current CEO of Aperture Science. I read stories about technicolor horses sometimes.

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Thanks a bunch for the fave on Defect!

2323666 Aww hell, thanks...:twilightblush:

2322917 No, thank you for writing such high quality horse fiction. TCB:STR is one of the best stories on this entire site, and really deserves even more love than it has already. I'm so thrilled to see you posting chapters again after the long hiatus, and look forward— as I always have— to the next chapter(s) you churn out.

You're helping us forward the cause of Science with your exceptional work.

Kildeez here! We at Appleture Science just wanted to thank ya for choosing us for your pretty pony fanfiction needs, instead of going with some of those other providers of tiny talking horse stories, you know, the ones that took our brilliant ideas and got away with stealing 'em.

Black Manesa can kiss my bankrupt a-

What wazzat Greg?


ANYWAY! Just thanks again, truly you're a man of quality who deserves only the best in life, and obviously you knew that because you chose the premier fanfiction content producer. Thank you so much!

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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