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Epilogue - Author's Notes · 1:23am Jan 31st, 2017

tl;dr: The color of a Unicorn’s magic is as unique as one of our finger prints. To see a room colored just so would be reassuring to a Unicorn in trouble.


The Friendship Express: sometimes I forget just how young the target age is for this show.

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2417228 Thank you for the praise! There's nothing I like better than leaving people wanting more. :)

Holy fuck, do you ever write a good story. I just got done with the last two chapters of Daring Do and the Lost Tome of Shadows, and holy crap I can say with certainty that that story was absolutely killer. You had me riveted on every word, and waiting for more. Your characterization of Twilight and the girls is just so amazing and believable that I'm not sure what to really say about it other than I want more.

I see from your reply to the other comment here on your user page that you probably won't be writing any more fanfiction, at least for a while, and there's so much talent in your writing that it's a damn shame. But, of course, you need to follow your own interests. If that means doing something else, that's onviously what you have to do. Just know that if you do work on anything else (either in the same series as The Lost Tome of Shadows or something entirely different), there will be plenty of people waiting to read it. Your work deserves far more attention than it receives. Even if your next project is two or three years off, I'll make sure to read it if and when it appears. Thank you for sharing your writing talents with us all, and best of luck in all your future endeavours. :twilightsmile:

2336286 Thanks for the awesome compliment! For some reason I take more pride in your comment, even though you're some anonymous internet user I'll likely never know, than the well-meant generic praise from personal friends. I'm sorry to say that I will be unlikely to post any more fanfiction after this. I have too many projects on the back burner. So don't worry about being able to follow my user page!

(Also I am a whore for comments and favorites and up-votes, so feel free to share Daring Do and the Lost Tome of Shadows with anyone you think would enjoy it!)


Daring Do and the Lost Tome of Shadows is the best adventure fanfiction I've seen in a while. That being said, I'm excited to see where you go with it, and will be sure to be looking out for other stories of yours coming out.

EDIT: I'm trying to follow you, but why won't it lemme do it. :raritycry:

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