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Inept guards, unsupervised death traps, and monologuing villains – Twilight Sparkle thinks the Daring Do stories are too predictable, so when she learns Rainbow Dash and Applejack are going off to have a make-believe Daring Do adventure, she vows to make it one they’ll never forget.

Set between Seasons 3 and 4.
Contains: Violence, swearing, dirty Jokes, and shadows. Lots of shadows.

Chapters (16)
Comments ( 162 )

Potential! It rains from the heavens in a glorious waterfall of opportunity! For the time being, you have been given this gift and choice of what to do with it! Lets see what happens next...

*Furiously likes, favorites, and watches.*

This is so good, and its such a interesting concept.

Comment posted by concordion deleted Aug 2nd, 2016

7443915 Thanks! I think so too.

7444357 I'm not sure I deserve such effusive, exuberant praise, but I'll take it.

7444533 Thanks. I hope you enjoy the roleplaying as much as the action and adventure that's upcoming.

And thanks rrryone for helping me get into the featured box! Whee!

I like the timeline you chose for your story "between Magical Mystery Cure and Daring Don’t." it gives you more room to work with and that makes things much less predictable :heart:.

Also absolutely love the cover art you got from Foxinshadow~

This sounds like an interesting concept,
Twilight Pranking Applejack and Rainbow
with a Daring Do fan-fiction adventure.
I'll give it a read.

but a few questions.
Is the two days wait between chapters 1 and 2, the norm or exception?
How often can we expect updates? twice a week, once a week, every 2 weeks? monthly?
how many chapters do you predict this story will have? 10? 15? 25? 50?

also I had noticed 7445403 had made a comment
"the timeline you chose for your story "between Magical Mystery Cure and Daring Don’t.""
which begs the question
Will Daring Do actually be making an appearance as an actual character,
or in your story is she just a character in a book, and A.K. Yearling is just an Author?
or will she not be making an appearance at all, despite being in the tags?

7447781 If it's before "Daring Don't," they don't know Daring Do exists - so I think it's safe to bet she / AK Yearling don't show up in this.
Also, the writing clearly shows RD 'roleplaying' as DD, so I think the tag is legit?

7447781 Thanks for the comment! As for your questions -- actually, both chapters were posted before the story itself was submitted; the intent is to have the first two chapters available from the start, so their dates aren't meaningful. I'm trying to decide how often to upload new chapters. As for how many chapters, you'll have to wait and see. :)

And you're correct; to the heroes, Daring Do isn't yet a real pony. However, it will still very much be a Daring Do story, just with some layers behind the scenes. To use an analogy, the Power Ponies aren't real per se, but there's still a tag for them, too. If you really want to know, the real Daring Do will not be making an appearance. But you don't want to know, because that would be spoiling it. ;)

7445403 Thanks. And, yes, the cover art really makes it, as does the fan cover art. Damnit, Jim, I'm a writer, not an artist!

Story Read up to current,
Expectations... Exceeded.
you have me wanting more of the story.
Question is, can you keep up with demand?
keep up the good work.
And Please, I'm begging you, update on a weekly schedule if at all possible.

While this is definitely off to an interesting start, I'm more waiting for when things start to go really wrong.

i believe this little game of make-believe just got real.:pinkiegasp:

I'll admit while RD and AJ's perspective is more important to the story I probably enjoy Twilight's struggle to make a good adventure for them a bit more, she really is a true true friend :twilightblush:.

I do like the differences in AJ's and RD's strategies with dealing with encounters, I'm reminded of various DnD games I've had where we had to decide whether we wanted to just bust in with no preparation or actually take the time to try and be sneaky, it tended to end up with killing and looting everything anyway shrug.

7483959 Can you hear the horns? It really is a memorable melody.

7483493 lol yeah, Twilight sure is a great friend. I too like to put my close friends into danger just to keep them busy. ;P I've also found myself in a party where the sneaking gets too complicated and we just say, "Fuck it!" and barrel in. It's so much simpler!


7450738 Me too. So much!

I'm really enjoying this story so far. I love the little out-of-character moments, as well.

Now that is how shit hits the fan.

Then Dash’s eyes went wide and she blurted, “And I don’t have a thing for you! I just figured the only way you’d enjoy this was if you played a really cool character! Oh, feathers, I didn’t—”

Sure Dash, sure.

Oh, Twilight puts forth much effort. I can't wait for the next one. ^^

Classic video game logic! Cue found secret fanfare!

7526102 Something like this?

7523858 Me neither! I may be biased but I think it keeps getting better.

7523028 Well, the Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider movies all have love interests. I think it'd be entirely acceptable--nay, required--to ship some Appledash when things are at their bleakest.

7522957 Thanks!

7522315 Thanks! Me too. The deeper they get into the adventure, the deeper into the roleplaying they'll get, so it'll take something big to knock them back out.

Found this on Foxintwilights tumblr, looks good, people should have their fics advertised on Yiff blogs more often.

7483815 oooooh, that's good, you should narrate more.

This is going to be very enjoyable.

This is getting better and better.

This is just getting more and more entertaining.

And another chapter of this delightful story is posted. :twilightsmile:

I nominate Twi for set designer on Bridleway.

So just how powerful is Twilight to be able to carve her way through solid rock and make all this junk in minutes? I was better able to imagine her doing the jungle and such because I imagine most of it was simply illusion, in this case though unless there was already a cave system in place I have to believe Twilight is absurdly powerful to be making all of this out of solid stone on the fly.

Anyways, I'm surprised Applejack was the one with a fear of enclosed spaces as opposed to Rainbow Dash considering RD's love of flying and the sky.

Overall fun chapter, I especially liked Twilight's snarky replies to them trying to get past the statue, looking forward to the next :heart:.

“I’ll be your friend!”
“Oh, you’re mean!”


“Oh, sure,” she huffed, “just ignore the complicated runes lining the border of the map.” ... “And ignore the carefully smudged diagrams, showing the time of day and the day of the year—both conveniently this afternoon, of course.” ... “And how about the writing on the back? Those riddles were fun to solve, right? Oh, wait, you didn’t even flip it over!”

Ah, Twilight, now you know the frustration of every Game Master ever :twilightsmile:

“And, look. Ah know ya got a thing fer me and all, ‘Daring Do-Me’, but try an’ keep yer eyes up here, ’kay?”


Sooo ... Twilight has created a one-pony Dream Park, Larry Niven would be proud :twilightsmile:

Thank you all for the comments! Anonymous likes are great, but I love reading your thoughts and replying to them. Keep 'em coming!

I'm glad you're finding it delightful! Next chapter should be even more fun.

I agree, Twilight must be pretty powerful. In order to give them an Indiana Jones-style temple to explore, she's simply going to have to make one. (If you think her digging tunnels is incredible, just you wait.) And . . . I hadn't considered that Dash would be more likely to be claustrophobic or afraid of the dark than AJ would. It does seem like role-reversal. Oops. Good catch.

I too know the pain of DMing when your players ignore half the content you've carefully scripted in favor of brute strength combat. No one ever goes for the stealth option.

I love your cover art!

“It’s fine,” Twilight said, ignoring the small brush fires surrounding her. “Everything is fine.”



...Twilight, you need some serious help.

"Even friendship is a risk"

Aww yeah, now the kiddie gloves come off, time for Twilight to put her friends in some legitimately dangerous situations so they can have a real adventure. At this point though I'm wondering if Twilight will actually even tell them about the whole adventure being fake and admit to putting them in actual danger or to let them keep believing it was all real so as not to rain on their parade and to cover her own ass :twilightoops:.

Risking is the path to Victory.

Thanks! I'd like to say I made it myself but that's patently not true. If you haven't already, check out some of Foxinshadow's gallery.

Finally, someone's read my author's notes! I'm very pleased.

I personally think she's getting along swimmingly! With her handy checklists and just a little more focus I'm sure she can keep this excitement under control.

I might not even give Twilight a choice in the matter.

Also the path to ruin--don't forget the ruins!

7523028 I do not see a "Romance" tag up there.

Bottled life? MtG reference (which itself was a reference, I admit) or something else?

Congrats on the first 10k word chapter for this story, very impressive~

It's also quite the harrowing chapter, seems like Twilight was pretty serious about not holding back as much. I very much enjoy the idea of Twilight having fun by letting herself go :twilightsmile:. I'm sure whatever Twi has planned with these creatures will make for a frantic and dangerous finale, here's hoping our intrepid adventurers are ready :rainbowhuh::applejackconfused:.

So, was Pa Apple a hallucination, part of Twilight's magic or an actual ghost?

7634016 Seemed like a hallucination to me.

"She landing clumsily on the next platform, losing her step and nearly falling off the side. As she scrambled to her hooves a blur rushed over her."

Think it should be landed

I don't play Magic, since it's clearly witchcraft and evil (actually because I'm god awful at it.) But you could still be right!

That is of course assuming the finale she has planned works out. Maybe?


I think you're right!

So, what becomes of Midnight Oil when the adventure is over? Is she just a construct that can be turned off until she's needed again, or is she something more?

I just read all of these in one go. Liked and favorited.


7669615 Twilight is creating life just for a fake adventure, and once it's over, poof! Mirror pool all over again.

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