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Lucid Spark

Just another guy driven by curiosity and adventure. I'm here to write some ideas that may be deemed good enough for consumption whenever I have enough time. You may call me Sparks or Sparky. Cheers!

Keep goin at it.


Happy New Year!!! · 4:06pm Dec 31st, 2017

Happy New Year!
It's now 2018!
Stay safe and stay awesome!:trollestia:

I don't know why but I have a soft spot for Absol... Especially the fluffy ones.


[Name]: John Gabriel
[Age]: 16
[Gender]: Male
[General Location]: 'Don't look behind you. Just don't... for now.'
[Language(s)]: Horse noises
Reading, Exploring, Things that go boom, and music.
Hello, my name is Gabriel.
A simple 16 year old high-school student. A bookish type with a hunger for adventure and scientific genres. I am sincere companion and I generally lean more often into being a good-will chum. I do have a bit of temper but it takes time to manifest as I would try to see to it that I avoid it. Being the youngest kid and having siblings with 5-15 years age gap has made me a sensitive sort and moods are easy to shift... Sorry, I rambled for a bit. I am new to writing but I like to help whenever I can and I don't mind friendly conversations or challenges.
~Currently working on an FOE story, like my trusted bud, Writer101~

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Dude! Ponies! :pinkiecrazy:

Just another stranger, sir.

*whistles across internet*

Oh? Who's this, following me?

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