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'something in the works' is finally posted! have a looksie · 3:25am Mar 21st, 2023

hey all, she's obviously not finished yet but I've posted the first two chapters of my wip! go take a look :3

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return of the king! (or something like that)

hi all, I'm Kit! hollowsbest is my user on most if not all social media platforms - I'm most active on Tumblr, and post my work to my AO3 (since it's not usually ponyfic)
I write about a lot of things, but mostly ttrpg campaigns that I'm in (I find my PCs the most compelling, who'd've thunk?)

I have been inactive on the site for quite some time now, only appearing sparingly as I don't read or write much pony fic anymore (the only fic I still have going is Case #140721)
if you're old or new here, I hope you've been doing well!

my old fics written by 13+ yr old me will be left up for posterity, but none will ever receive updates (unfortunately for PD&TM as that was surely my most popular fic by far)


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Thanks for the favorite! :twilightsmile:

Hiyah! Thanks for adding The Immortal's Burden to your favorites! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

2145635 I can't write those- as I don't know who Toffee is and I'm not into pokemon. Sorry, and if I was going to write them; I'd have to get a creative spark to even write them.

Sorry, but I'm the wrong person to ask about this.

2145106 Okay, what is it?

2144832 well i am a average guy who want to share story idea

2144437 Uhm, why? I'm not someone who should have stories dedicated to me, I'm just an average girl. Which fanfiction?

2144071 a story dedicated to you

2143673 Sorry- I'm unsure what you're asking.
What I'm getting here is- you're asking to do a crossover, or you have a story dedicated to me. I'm thinking it's more the latter, yeah?

2143523 hey um...i have some displaced story for you

Comment posted by Typist Gray deleted Oct 3rd, 2015

Thanks for faving Chaos is Displaced.

1927649 I like human turning into changeling fanfics. It's interesting to see what lore the author uses.


Thank you for tracking my story from biochemistry with love, may I ask what is it that particularly interested you in it?

Comment posted by Magna85 deleted Jul 1st, 2015

Thanks for faving The Nightmare Princess


Okay, thanks I didn't even see it. :twilightsheepish:

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