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I use Box as it has somehow become my nickname, well done me. Previously known as Golden Book. Inactive and no longer updating my fics.


Mirabelle, an average fangirl. She's a brony among other things but those aren't important right now. What's important is the story I'm telling!

Mirabelle had fallen asleep in her safe, warm bed at home on Earth and in the human world. Boringly normal right? Yeah, I agree. So time to make some chaos, most of it unintended.

Now she's in the body of Eris and in my universe and has no idea how she got there! The first pony she meets is me, the most fabulous and amazing Discord!

Though she ends up nearly hugging me to death, probably a bad idea to bring a brony into my universe... Though it wasn't really my idea to begin with... But what the heck? It's not like anything could go wrong!

Oh, how wrong I could be. Oh how wonderfully wrong, I guess Twilight was right. I should've used a sa- Well I can't go spoiling this story can I? Go! Go and read Pesky Draconequui & Their Meddling!

This letter was found is Discord's private quarters in Canterlot Castle, Four years and Seven months ALR (After Luna's Return), Celestia herself hasn't been able to decode or read the smudged words. You'd need Discord or the pony who wrote the letter, Discord's not talking and no pony knows who wrote the letter.

To anypony reading this letter, unless you are a
certain Lord of Chaos, bug off.
This letter isn't for you.


You do (these words are smudged). One year after you a- (these words are smudged) -f the day, you must pull a woman named (this word is smudged) from E- (these words are smudged).

She will be given the form of a draconequus and you must t- (quite a few words are smudged).

Tell her to change her n- (these words are smudged), li- (these words are smudged). She makes valid points, most of the time.

Also, beware of (these words are smudged). For she will hinder your (these words are smudged) Mirabelle and (these words are smudged), bring along (these words are smudged) when you decide to (these few words are scribbled out).

Be f-(these words are smudged beyond recognition), if you do not heed my (this word is smudged). Equus will (these words are smudged), and it will become (these words are smudged) if you will.

~An Old Friend

This is basically a HiE, but with a draconequus instead of the usual pony/griffin/changeling/dragon/diamond dog, etc.


Chapters (9)
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Comment posted by Grankuwaga deleted Apr 4th, 2015

Your story is okay, to this point. You should really work on your formatting, though.

Normally you make a new paragraph when the speaker changes and a few other things (Read the writing guide of the site)

"Come,-" "Mirabelle." I put in. "Come, Mirabelle we have plans!" Discord said happily, he then frowned. "You should go by Eris when ponies are around, ponies don't have that sort of name y'know." He added, I nodded. Getting what he meant.

to ==>

"Come, Miss...?"
"Mirabelle," I answered.
"Come, Mirabelle, we have plans!" Discord said happily, before he frowned. "You should go by Eris when ponies are around. Ponies don't have that sort of name, y'know," he added. I nodded, understanding what he meant.

Work on the things I mentioned and this could really become great.

"Blacked us off" Don't you mean blocked us off. Interesting story so far.

5696825 a little suggestion. you might want to make your chapters at the very least 1,000 words each. sometimes when people see 863 words it kinda of turns them away. 1,000 words I guess you can say is the unspoken rule.

This is almost the shortest chapter I ever read, next to the Friendship is Overpowered series.


5699114 It's the prologue, I never write prologues so its bound to be short and it's only to set the stage.


5699677 Eris is from the rule 63 universe, where all genders are swapped around. "Mare MLP universe" means she's in the "main" universe, instead of the universe Eris should be in.

5700107 Could you try a different name? Eris is so overused. I've read several stories with a female Draconequui with Eris in it. The first is a minor draconequui who's stalking the main character cause he beat her in a fight, 2nd was a human into draconequui story....her name was Eris back when she was human.

Eris is a really overused name.


5700892 Eris is the Goddess of chaos in mythology, which is why I'm using it.

Flying jet skis huh? That's fuckin' brilliant.

I hope Twilight catches on that Eris is afraid of making a bad impression on her and be like "Hey, wait. Don't be afraid of me, I'm not going to hurt you."

on a scale from one to monkeys on the insanity meter this is pudding


5731403 Probably not, Twilight's (in my opinion) kinda oblivious to that kind of thing, unless it was pointed out really reeaaally obvious.

5738571 :yay: Yay!

5728607 Thank you :twilightsmile:

Right she is the kind of person who can't read into things so easily. it's not like her friends taught her. ^^;

5767942 Well that is not creepy what so ever(import sarcasm):trollestia:

I like draconaquui more than the usual transformations...and of course someone is going to screw thus up.

I think he made a big mistake.

Yeah, formating and spacing needs work.

Rainbow Dash NOT tacking somepony? That promise will be hard to keep.

Social cues are not her strong suit, I know.

5820649Why did you typed Brony which means male mlp fan, I think you mean pegasister instead of brony


5827630 Brony can be used for male or female, pegasister is just for females. I myself am female and use the term brony. Hope that clears it up ^^

Why didn't the site alert me to this chapter :raritydespair:

"Now how learn how to destroy the cupcakes




No idea how that happened, It'll be fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.


5865683 Soonish, I've got other books in the works though. So soonish, might be awhile.

I remember button mashing with Spinal, Glacius and Folgore on Killer Instinct: Gold Edition on N64.
Good times, the early 2000's.

You definitely make a good job at making a very chaotic story. ^^;

I remenber button smashing with s pirate Arcade version of Street Fighter II, Zanfief to the win!

If you only now have a plot then I have to say you should stop starving yourself. :scootangel:



I did have a plot, but it was rubbish. I've come up with a better one! :twilightsmile:

An old friend of Discords? Is his name Q2?

"Hi!" Eris and Discord stared at what basically a child version of Eris "GREETINGS FROM THE FUTURE!"

"Really?" Eris said raising an eyebrow

"Nope!" The child Eris then shape changed into a female green Martian from DC comics, basically an adult Miss Martian, also know as the Martian Manhunter niece. "Now lets kick monster butt!"

"You don't sound like M'gann M'orzz." Eris said pouting

"Of course I don't, I am just a construct created by your imagination, and your imagination wants to kick monster butt!"


*smirks* You'll just have to find out~


You had me nearly snort milk I was drinking onto my laptop, it makes no sense. Which is why I'm gonna try and fit in in somehow.

HUZZAH! CHAOS SHALL... Take the form of Miss Martian?...

...For reasons beyond my comprehension, I just pictured Slenderman facing off against a Predator.


Well, lets see, female + alien + basic BRICK powers save a weakness to fire + shapechanging + mind of a five/six year old = Made of win!

So she wasn't chosen randomly after all.


Dear god no! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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