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Welcome to the Equestria Legends Online Fan Group!

This group has been made as a way to conveniently find and advertise anything concerning Sword Art Online, the main fic, Equestria Legends Online, or just about anything else. The forum is free for all conversations... though please be polite about anything you put on here.

-We will not tolerate any put-downs towards anybody here. If you're just here to be a butt and try to piss someone off, then you will be banned from this group. If you genuinely wish to have an argument with someone, please have it with said person privately.
-If you're going to post any NSFW content, please mark the thread with (NSFW) in its title. And as per site rules, please no NSFW images.

Rules for Posting:
-All ELO side fics go in the ELO folder
-Other SAO crossover fics go in the SAO folder
-Anything else you'd like to share to other fans in this group, whether they are related to this group or not, can go in the "Hey, check this out!" folder

Thanks for reading!
Have fun with this new group!
-Shadowflame, Author of Equestria Legends Online, Head Moderator

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pretty cool to have this.

Holy Guacamole! We have a group now!:rainbowderp:
we're special guys:yay:
well, you are not me:ajsmug:
says the pyromanic who's afraid of the dark
Can it you two:ajbemused:
thanks bro

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