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How I use my Bookshelves

Since I've recently (as of 2017.01) found that my library is pure chaos, I've enacted strict rules
on myself in regards to how I organize stuff.

First, I will not continue to read any story on hiatus or cancelled, it's not worth investing into a story that probably won't continue. Such stories will also be removed from my favorites and other shelves.

Second, only stories marked as complete will be put into Favorites, otherwise they go onto a separate bookshelf. (Incomplete But Good Stories)

If a story does not update for one year, it will be considered on hiatus. This includes stories that are complete but not marked as such on fimfiction. If you can't be bothered to mark it as complete, I won't bother to investigate. It's either complete or not.

I hope I can greatly increase my enjoyment of reading and my efficiency this way.

Lastly, I'll probably one day go through my favorites and create a list of "must reads", stories that should probably be read by people. I'll post that somewhere.

Additionally, I might consider some incomplete stories for a recommendation list under the additional obligation that the last update is no older than 9 months and with some penalty to it's quality. TL;DR Incomplete stories will have it harder to be recommended for obvious reasons.

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Thanks for the fav! :heart:

Thanks for the fav! :D

Thank you for the favourite!

Thanks for adding "The Reality I Choose" to your list of "Must Reads." I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

1998764 you're welcome.

The Humble and Non-Hypocritical Trixie is most thankful for your adoration, dear reader!

1952127 Kivggb tllw, R xzm'g xlnkozrm.

  • Viewing 50 - 59 of 59
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